A biodegradable bag printed in 3D, in Spain, on demand? It exists and it’s that pretty

The great revolution that 3D printing represents for the fashion industry, as this bag exemplifies, is that there is no need to store stock in anticipation of a (always conflicting) number of sales. Each unit is manufactured on demand, once the client has placed the order. In other words, it saves both from an economic and environmental point of view, by avoiding excess waste.

As explained from SurSac, the second phase of the production process, once the pieces have been obtained, consists of them being sanded, cleaned, ventilated and rehydrated with organic and local vegetable waxes to give them softness, warmth and a Touch vintage while futuristic. “When the parts have already been polished, they are assembled into a flexible fabric also printed in 3D. In this way, it provides rigidity and consistency without losing lightness ”, they point out. The shoulder strap is made of cotton and silk.

BUY: Sustainable HER bag, by SurSac (€ 350).

All units in this solid box-shaped bag – based on the house’s emblem model: the Valentina – are made in Bizkaia, in the digital fabrication lab of Like Machines, technology company specialized in sustainable manufacturing that works with European suppliers. “They are visionary geniuses and their way of working is wonderful, exquisite. Whatever you propose to them, they study it and come up with the idea you had, no matter how complicated it may be. The future is here and I believe innovation in this type of materials that they are doing in Comme de Machines every day will be more and more present in the industry ”, Gallego concludes about this juicy collaboration.


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