A branded sweatshirt for an assumed casual look

The sweatshirt is the ultimate loungewear item. But who says relaxation does not necessarily mean abandon of style. Thanks to our favorite pieces spotted on the LuisaViaRoma website, dressing comfortably has never been easier.

The sweatshirt is a bit of our fashion blanket. The refuge garment. The one in which you inevitably feel good. A little loose, it allows our body a certain freedom, while displaying a popular urban style. Problem? The sweatshirt, imprinted in the sporty wardrobe, seems to lack sophistication. Forcing us to reserve it for days of relaxation. But we say no! And we are not the only ones. From models to it-girls, all have managed to pull off the game by adopting it daily and in style. So, go with the flow with our selection of trendy sweatshirts spotted on the LuisaViaRoma website.

Pimp my sweat

To give our sweatshirt its letters of nobility, we focus on black. It can be worn with or without a hood, over jeans or tuxedo pants for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. With jeans, we do not hesitate to take out heeled shoes. We also enhance his outfit with jewelry. We love the models from Nina Ricci and the ‘Reebook X Victoria Beckham’ collab.

Blooming sweatshirts

In spring, the days are a little warmer but the weather cools quickly after dark. To ward off this climatic gymnastics, the sweatshirt is our ally. One more reason to adopt it. We love the flowery patterns that energize our style. The piece of our dreams was spotted at Gucci. Perfect with white pants for a seasonal look. Always in the spirit, we opt for the models of pink color which give us a romantic allure in the tones which make spring. We love the models from Casablanca and Ambush.

20 sweatshirt models spotted on the LuisaViaRoma website

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