A personal matter: why is it worth talking to a partner about “it”?

Sexologists have found that the absence of talking about sex leads partners to the disappearance of desire, but do you still think that it is not necessary to discuss this with your soul mate? In today’s article we will tell you why it is worth talking about “this”.

It’s not a shame but right

The reason for the feeling of shame is understandable, because no one taught us this at school, and even more so at home. Psychologists call such behavior a “good girl” complex, which includes not only the problem of the lack of verbalization of sex, but also a complete lack of understanding of one’s sexuality. Unfortunately, all these factors are consequences of the country’s history. There was no sex in the USSR, and in the 90s this topic literally poured into all the houses of the country, and the public did not like this. There was no talk of any progressive incoming information, all the terminology was reduced to dirty curses and medical reports. We have recently started talking about sexuality education.

It is necessary to understand that talking about sex is not a listing of obscene words and names of poses, but a meaningful means of communication, with the help of which the partner gets the information that they want to make love with him.

What to do with titles?

Forget all these metaphorical enumerations like “pleasure bay” and “jade core”. It sounds funny and frivolous, therefore, the importance of the process is downplayed, and sex in a relationship is extremely important. Afraid to call a spade a spade – read specialized literature and attend events dedicated to the topic of sex.

Once you begin to bring shameful words into your life through the speech of others, things will go easier, saying things like “cock”, “vagina” and “orgasm” will be much easier.

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