A real beauty routine after 60 years and adapted to your desires… yes it is finally possible!

Dedicated care for white hair

To nourish and revive the radiance of your gray hair, adopt an Age Perfect Beautifying Color Care from L’Oréal Paris, without ammonia or oxidants. It brings a touch of natural color that fades shampoo after shampoo. Result: Your hair is shiny, soft to the touch and easy to comb.

As it is a ready-to-use tube, the application is as easy as that of a conditioner that is left on for 2 or 10 minutes depending on the shade, after having shampooed.

L’Oréal Paris colorist expert Christophe Robin himself recommends this range, which is considered a real “revolution” for women who want to beautify their white hair: “I think Age Perfect Beautifying Color Treatments are exactly what women who take responsibility for and take pride in their natural white hair were missing. White has definitely been THE trending color since back to school. It’s not a term at all. to associate with dull hair, without reflection or without shine.

Age Perfect Beautifying Color Treatment is exactly what women are looking for when they want to beautify their natural white hair. It’s not coloring and that’s what makes all the difference. It is a pigmented hair care, concentrated in a single product. A real revolution! This treatment acts like a classic conditioner. It is very easy to apply and requires no effort compared to a coloring product.

The results are stunning: white and gray hair are sublimated and flatter the complexion. I can now tell women not to be afraid of taking on their white hair. Silver or golden reflections, there is no age to be radiant! “

A radiant skin ritual

Before giving your skin all the care it needs, it is important to prepare it well by cleansing it. Choose light and nourishing formulas, specifically developed for mature skin such as Age Perfect Micellar Water. Enriched with Provitamin B5 to nourish the skin, and micelles to capture impurities in a single step, it guarantees effective and respectful cleansing of even the most sensitive mature skin.

Continue your routine with Age Perfect Golden Age Beautifying Lotion and Pink Care. Their rosy formulas enriched with imperial peony and natural pigments help restore your skin to its radiance. Based on calcium B5, they also help to restore density to your skin to make it more resistant.

A line that combines care and make-up with products for the complexion, eyes and lips

Among the flagship products we find:

The anti-aging radiance serum that illuminates the face. It is enriched with pro-xylan which promotes the proper metabolism of the skin, pro-retinol which allows its renewal, moisturizing agents and antioxidant vitamins E which protects it against daily aggressions.

An anti-dark circles corrector, which smoothes the eye area. Based on glycerin, caffeine and haloxyl, it helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.

The Magnifying Care Mascara composed of filloxane which strengthens the eyelashes. The plus: it is easy to remove!

Finally, Rouge lumière, which enhances the smile, is enriched with moisturizing agents and precious oils for hydrated and plumped lips.

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