A real compromise: what if the other half has other plans for the New Year?

Earlier, we already told you what to do if a guy wants to celebrate the New Year in the company of friends who do not suit you or even refuses to celebrate in favor of a romantic candlelight dinner. Today we will continue to share useful tips on the ideal compromise, because the difference in desires is an absolutely normal process!

? Celebration with the family of the second half

Getting to know a guy’s family is always an exciting process, especially when it comes to family celebrating the New Year. First, you need to understand whether your relationship is so serious that you are ready to visit your home and see your future mother-in-law. Secondly, you need to weed out doubts if the reason for refusing such an option is only the usual fear of updates.

Inviting to a family event on behalf of a partner is always a very important step for a man. He is finally ready for more serious intentions, is not afraid to share his happiness with loved ones and does not worry about the fact that you are suitable for him. There is no need to come up with various silly excuses like “I have a headache”. You are not ready – tell the truth, do not hide your own doubts.

? Avoiding celebration in favor of casual relaxation

For many young people, New Year is just as ordinary a day as everyone else. Some guys perceive the holiday as a costly party and are not going to participate in it. There is nothing terrible in this, even if you have already planned your kiss for a long time under the chimes and a surprise as a gift.

Take it all upon yourself, create an unusual scenario and think over the little things. You may not have to collect a huge table, invite guests and come up with an individual menu. Sometimes a short walk under the winter starry sky, a date against the backdrop of moonlight and quiet but very romantic greetings are enough.

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