A simple life hack against rubbing your thighs in summer

They may never talk about it, but many women look forward to summer with horror. Many of us don’t even need a thermometer or a weather forecast: we learn about what’s warmer outside from our hips. Rubbing the inner thigh is an attack that women of different ages, weight, volume face. And it is completely incomprehensible how to cope with it – in fact, not to wear tights all summer?

However, there is one life hack that will help, if not completely get rid of the problem, then at least greatly minimize the discomfort. You will need a regular roll-on deodorant: before leaving the house, simply wipe the parts of your thighs that touch as you move. Firstly, the deodorant will act as a lubricant and prevent chafing, and secondly, it will soothe already damaged skin areas. By the way, the same effect can be achieved with dry shampoo.


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