A very simple and perfect makeup trick to enlarge the eyes

Beauty tip: here’s how to make your eyes look bigger in no time

There are already some well-known tips for enlarge the gaze without surgery, like the technique of makeup “foxy eye” which rejuvenates also, or the tightline method. The trick we are going to tell you about was given by a famous French beauty Youtuber: Elsamakeup. The young woman regularly publishes make-up and care videos, and gives her advice and opinion on new products. On one of her recent publications, the beautiful Elsa decided to achieve a bright beauty and “effet no make-up”, ideal makeup for summer because it is light and fresh. It was on this occasion that she gave a simple and very ingenious beauty tip for enlarge the gaze and give the impression that it is more intense.
The beauty Youtuber begins by unifying everything with a light tinted cream for a healthy complexion perfect, then she corrects her dark circles and “imperfections” cutaneous. Then she warms up her complexion with a stick bronzer with a creamy texture, to maintain a very natural effect. Then, she passes to the blush, which she applies on the cheeks and which she brings back to the level of the nose to create a “sun-kissed” effect, ultra-trendy in this summer season. Finally, to finish the complexion, Elsamakeup applies‘highlighter to add light and glow. If the beauty has made her complexion, know that there is no obligation to make up your skin! However, if you want top results, a more even complexion may be the way to go.

Elsamakeup gives two beauty tips for the eye makeup. The first is a trick to make it look like you’ve applied mascara ! Yes, you read that correctly: it gives a solution to give the impression fuller lashes and a more intense look without mascara.
You just have to put brown or black pencil according to your tastes and your base lash shade, in the mucous membrane of the mobile eyelid. Please note that you must choose a crayon waterproof so that it does not transfer. This simple quick gesture therefore allows to put intensity in the gaze.
But now it must be enlarged. How? ‘Or’ What ? Have a nude, beige or flesh-colored eye pencil (a white pencil will be too visible). Then, apply it on the lower mucosa of the eye. Result: the eye is more open, the gaze is larger. Small bonus: the clear pencil helps to undo redness of the eye, for a refreshed look! Are you going to try?

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