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What do you think can hide the true age of a woman over 40? Plastic surgeries, injection cosmetology, skillful makeup and a suitable hairstyle? Yes, but not only! The wardrobe also plays one of the most important roles in the anti-age effect. And this is regardless of the complexion and features of the figure. There are some things that will instantly help you to lose a few years. Militta talks about what you can and cannot wear after 40.

What exactly should not be worn?

There are clothes that will turn even a young lady into an old woman. Remember, the things listed below are taboo for ladies over 40!

1. Shapeless raincoats and coats. Despite the fact that oversize cut is in fashion today, it is better for ladies over 40 to refuse it. Especially those who have curvaceous forms. Remember: shapeless cuts only make the figure even wider, and do not hide anything. Oversize can only be afforded by slender and tall young ladies, and not a shapeless oversize, but a thoughtful one!

What to wear instead? Tailored raincoats and coats that accentuate the waist. Length – to the knee or below. Fashionable trench coats on a belt ideally emphasize the line of the belt, and decor in the form of pockets, shoulder straps, inserts, straps distracts attention from figure flaws, if any. It is also better to choose shades lighter and brighter – camel, sand, beige, blue.

What styles make you younger

2. Frankly revealing outfits. Shorts, miniskirts, short tops that reveal the belly? Perhaps if your figure is like a supermodel. Then no questions asked, but remember that the skin should be even, moderately tanned, without age spots and imperfections. In all other cases, and especially if there is a certain amount of extra pounds, such things are prohibited, otherwise it will look just ridiculous!

What to wear instead? It is logical – not too open, but more restrained clothes. Want to wear shorts? Go for bermuda shorts up to the knee or just above the classic cut. Short skirts are suitable for those with slender legs, and then they should literally be just above the knee. In general, shorts, tops, tight-fitting leggings, and other sportswear should be worn where appropriate: at workout, at the gym, at home, or outdoors.

3. Shapeless hoodies. Loose tunics and dresses that fall straight from the chest are some of the favorite things of women for 40-50 years. Yes, this is how the Prima Donna dresses, but she can afford everything. And you don’t want to be like a “bus”? Even for those who have extra pounds, such clothes look inappropriate. Under the robes, you can’t see what your figure really is, and this makes it seem even wider and more shapeless.

What to wear instead? As with coats and raincoats, choose silhouettes that fit your figure. As a last resort – A-shaped silhouette or straight cut, but not too wide, not loose, but clear. Sheath dresses made of dense fabrics look good, and especially – safari-style shirt dresses. They allow you to emphasize the waistline, and at the same time divert attention from the flaws of the silhouette.

Choosing clothing styles that are youthful

4. Black, dark gray, dark brown. Even if you adore dark shades and despite the fact that black is considered a universal shade, it can be very disadvantageous to emphasize age-related defects in appearance – pallor, dark circles under the eyes, dull skin, pigmentation. It’s the same with the dull dark brown or dark gray shade of graphite – they will only add age, and not vice versa.

What to wear instead? For those who love dark colors, it is better to give preference to dark cherry or burgundy – this shade suits almost all color types of appearance. Royal blue also looks good – dark but rich, purple and purple, dark green. Instead of dull brown, wear lighter chocolate caramel tones – they look much more interesting.

5. Abundance of flounces, ruffles, frills, decor in the form of flowers. Yes, undoubtedly, this finish adds romance to the image. But does such a frankly girlish, innocent and gentle image fit with the image of a mature woman? No, we are not saying that you should look like an “iron lady”, but too frank ruffles, and even in candy shades, will certainly not suit those over 40.

What to wear instead? Choose more discreet clothing. Instead of a blouse with flounces and frills, choose a shirt with a classic cut, if you want to add decor – you can choose the option with a small tie-in bow on the collar. Silk blouses of simple straight cut in pastel muted shades – beige, powdery, ash-pink, lavender, gray-blue, look very feminine and at the same time restrained.

Tricks in the selection of the image that will make you younger

And here are some more basic wardrobe and outfit tricks that can make you look much younger.

  • Choosing light shades

As we said above, dull dark colors will only age and add years. Therefore, it is worth betting on lighter shades. They don’t have to be too flashy if you don’t welcome this option. Choose muted pastel shades without excessive color development: peach, powdery, cream, blue, light green, banana yellow. Sand, beige, light gray and white also look good.

Light-colored clothing
Light-colored clothing
  • We focus on minimalism

A minimalist image can not only reduce age, but also make look more expensive and more status. You should not combine an abundance of things in one image, even if layering is in fashion. Try to choose only a few pieces of clothing in a single color scheme, or even create a monochrome look in one shade. This also works with accessories: don’t go too far with an abundance of jewelry and little things. A bag, a scarf or shawl, a beautiful necklace and bracelet – and that’s enough!

  • We choose shoes correctly

With age, you begin to appreciate convenience – this is logical and understandable to everyone. But even if you are used to wearing sneakers, remember: the heel can visually lose several years, especially if these are classic pumps with a narrow toe. From comfortable shoes, choose ballet flats and loafers made of leather, slip-ons and sneakers in a discreet design, suitable for casual style. Sneakers, like sportswear, as we talked about above, are still better left for outdoor activities and training.

Author: Tatiana Maltseva

What styles make you younger
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