ABC of style. How to create a maximum of guises from a minimum of things?

The more time this area takes, the more sets of appropriate clothing are needed in order to feel beautiful and comfortable in any situation.

Create a backbone, which is professionally called a “capsule” – a basic set of garments that work well with each other and from which you can create many sets in the colors of your choice.

First, take two colors: primary, favorite, and secondary. Then it will be possible to build up others.

Start with two favorite colors that suit you

This should be done taking into account your lifestyle. Formulate capsules for areas that take significant time.

So we chose two colors. Each of them will have their own capsule. For a start, it is better to combine these colors with each other. Then there will be more combinations. But if you like two completely different colors, there will be two capsules.

Now you need to choose a set of basic wardrobe items, from which you can create different combinations.

The good thing about the classic style is that, on the one hand, it is simple, and on the other hand, it is made with high quality and good taste. Classic things are always in fashion, without unnecessary details, and therefore go well with each other. You can select different accessories for them – the simpler the style, the easier it is to complement it. And the more options you get.

Classic style is simple and timeless
Classic style is simple and timeless

For quality classics, flip through fashion magazines and go to good boutiques, even if you’re not shopping there, but to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of exquisite pieces created by craftsmen.

If you like unusual author’s design style (extravagant, folk, boho) – visit boutiques of young designers and craftsmen fairs to explore trends and author’s imagination. Try on what you like to understand which styles suit you.

Capsule wardrobe can be chosen for any style
Capsule wardrobe can be chosen for any style
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Whichever style you choose, then you can find something similar, having experienced what a thing of good taste is. Quite often, most of the money is charged for the brand, and similar models can be found at seasonal sales and craft fairs where young aspiring designers make a name for themselves.

The most expensive thing is designer kits. You need to try them on and feel them, and then assemble similar ones yourself.

Now let’s start choosing clothes and creating capsules.

For this you will need:

  • jacket and trousers of the same color;
  • another set (for example, a cardigan and a skirt) in a different color scheme;
  • several blazers that ideally suit both (or one to the first, the other to the second);
  • two pairs of jeans – flared and skinny;
  • a blazer for them (blue, white or black);
  • an evening blouse, suitable for both trousers and a skirt, or two evening blouses, one of which fits a suit with trousers, the other with a skirt;
  • several T-shirts, tops and T-shirts.
Shopping should not be random, but thoughtful
Shopping should not be random, but thoughtful
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If you are a business woman, it is good that an evening blouse is combined with a business skirt or trousers, because if you need to go on a date, presentation, holiday, theater after work, you just change your blouse and put on accessories.

Many ensembles can be created from all this, especially if the two chosen colors are combined. For example, a jacket from one set with a skirt or trousers from another, with different shirts and blazers. Plus various accessories.

And if, nevertheless, the primary and secondary colors do not match, perhaps there are items of a neutral color that fit both. Let’s say an ivory blouse or jumper.

Such a wardrobe base.

Further purchases should not be random, but thoughtful. As you look at the next item, consider how well it fits in with the basic kit that you should really like. Then the question will sound like this: “How much does a new thing combine with what I really love?”

ABC of style.  How to create the maximum appearance from the minimum of things?

Look at the basic kit as close friends and the new item as a new acquaintance. Will his close friends admit to their intimate circle? How organically will it fit there?

Then each new wardrobe item will help create many new looks, the number of which will grow exponentially. And you will forever forget the phrase “I have nothing to wear.”


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