ABC of style. How to customize your color type?

To answer, let’s recall three color scales again:

  1. Warm and cold.
  2. Light-deep.
  3. Clean-dusted.

Take a short survey about how important these scales are for you.

  1. Are you wearing warm (cool) colors?
  2. Are you wearing light (deep) colors?
  3. Are you wearing pure (powdered) colors?

The answers to each question might be:

  1. Yes, always.
  2. Basically, but I can also do the opposite.
  3. Both suit me.

The parameter for which you have answer # 1, let’s call it your main color scheme.

Answer # 2 – secondary colors.

Answer # 3 is the area of ​​your creative freedom.

Different parameters are important for every woman, and not a clear limitation on the color scheme
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Now you understand what is the mistake of the previous theory of color types? She suggests that each a woman all three parameters are equally important!

Spring should answer “Yes, always” about light warm clean colors, autumn about deep warm clean ones, winter about deep cold clean ones, summer about light cold powdered ones.

But this is not true! Different parameters are important for every woman – hence the questions: “What if both suit me?”

Compare the results of this survey with the colors you chose for yourself in the previous steps.

What is the same and what is worth taking a closer look at and adjusting?

And in addition – a few more recipes …

If you want to break the mold and appear in front of the world in an unusual form … Then you need a bit of lyrical audacity.

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Find among the colors that suit you one that you have not worn before. Or choose a color that best conveys a state of extravagance.

Now create a solid ensemble of things of different shades of this color. Of course, the shades should be harmoniously combined. But let the overall impression be solid.

It would also be nice to wear a style that is unusual for you. If you usually wear pants, wear a dress, if you usually wear a dress, then wear pants.

In this outfit, you will give the impression of a bomb. For example, if you have a performance and need to stand out to be remembered, this method is perfect. It has extravagance without vulgarity and decency.

Another way suits impudent and defiant ladies: dress in contrast to your hair color… The color wheel will help you find contrasting colors. But the gradations of light and dark must be clearly maintained. Otherwise it will be clumsy.

ABC of style.  How to customize your color type?
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The same goes for two contrasting colors if you choose to wear them. They should be equally light or dark.

And the most subtle nuance:

  • Everything is matched to the main color – and only one small contrasting spot stands out. Brooch, ribbon, flower, buckle.

The artists put a small contrasting touch to balance the picture. This stroke may not even be recognized. The viewer perceives it subconsciously, but feels the picture as balanced and harmonious.

And therefore, thanks to a small accessory in a contrasting color, they will also perceive you.

And finally …

ABC of style.  How to customize your color type?
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Divide your wardrobe into four piles:

  1. You wear this frequently and regularly.
  2. Wear it from time to time.
  3. Save for special occasions.
  4. This has not been touched for over a year and a half.

Get rid of the fourth heap. Second-hand, charitable foundation, friends for whom these things are suitable will help you.

Now you have become for yourself and your loved ones not just a stylist, but an artist who creates your own (and maybe not only your) unique look!

To be continued…


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