Acne scars: how to avoid them and get rid of them?

Acne scars: what is it?

Acne. Some people have decided to accept it by posting it on social media using the hashtag acnepositivity. A positive body movement that allows regain self-confidence, to remember that acne is a common occurrence that can affect anyone, and that it does not need to be hidden at all costs. But for some, acne scars remain a source of complexity. Here’s how to best get rid of it!

Acne scars: how to avoid them?

Acne affects many women in France. And this skin disease can leave marks. “A post-acne scar is a mark left by a button”, notes Paula Begoun, beauty expert and founder of the Paula’s Choice brand. “It can be pink, red, or dark brown, depending on the color of your skin”. But these marks are not necessarily systematic, nor eternal. The expert indicates that they may disappear over time. “It all depends on how you take care of your skin”. So if you adopt a gentle and adapted routine, they will likely no longer be visible. However, Paula Begoun recalls: “If you use sensitizing or aggressive skin care products or home remedies and do not protect your skin from the sun and pollution, it can last for weeks, and even get worse. ”

Acne scars: how to get rid of them?

In addition to adapting a good routine in order to make them disappear as well as possible, Paula Begoun insists: “The best way to avoid post-acne marks is to control your acne”. Logic: if you have no acne (or less), you are less likely to get scars.
How to do ? By opting for a daily and very gentle cleansing, but also for an exfoliant based on salicylic acid or products based on azelaic acid. “L’acne being an inflammatory disorder, you must absolutely avoid irritating care products ”, also recalls the expert. But that’s not all: we must also refrain from scratch the pimples. “Scabs increase the likelihood of post-acne marks!”, warns Paula Begoun. She nevertheless explains that the buttons can be pierced with care. Last thing to do for avoid marks : protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. “I know that a tan makes acne less noticeable, but UV damage is dangerous to the skin and the deep inflammation it triggers is terrible for acne.”


Once installed, the acne scars can be very difficult to remove. You can already try to treat the problem at home. “Research shows that gentle cleansing, a concentration of 2% BHA, 10% azelaic acid and 15-25% vitamin C and the absence of any irritating skin care product are by far the most effective ways to get rid of the skin as quickly as possible. post-acne marks”. But if the scars resist, then the solution lies elsewhere. It is necessary consult a dermatologist, so that it recommends a specific treatment “Filling” or that he performs one or more laser sessions in order to erase the scar.


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