Acupressure, the right pain reliever gesture after cancer

Those who defeated it know it well: breast cancer leaves serious consequences. Fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety… To relieve these post-breast cancer symptoms, a simple and inexpensive solution would be effective: acupressure!

According to a study * from the University of Michigan (United States), this alternative medicine would both reduce the fatigue experienced by women who have survived breast cancer, but also reduce all pain physical and mental related to it. “After breast cancer, it is rare for women to experience only fatigue: other symptoms (sleep disturbances, mood disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, etc.) are generally observed and may have a considerable impact on daily life, ”says Suzanna M. Zick, the main author of this work.

The research team worked with a group of 288 patients: after receiving training, they performed daily acupressure sessions at home for six weeks. And the results are very positive! These women all saw visible improvement in their mood and pain.

L’acupression, quèsaco ?

From traditional Chinese medicine, this method uses acupuncture points but not needles. Thanks to simple massages in the right places, it stimulates the meridians and makes it possible to treat various disorders: anxiety, stress, insomnia… Here, the researchers noticed that the acupressure points associated with relaxation (wrist, hand, neck…) were particularly effective against depression and sleep disturbances. As for the stimulating points (foot, leg …), they seemed just as effective as the relaxing points against anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

* published in the specialized journal JNCI Cancer Spectrum.

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