Acupuncture and memory: yes to booster shots!

Mild cognitive impairment impacts (moderately, as the name suggests) the thinking and memory of those who suffer from it. This pathology can however evolve. For around 10% of patients, it is the first step before the development of a more disabling form of dementia (such as Alzheimer’s disease for example). It is treated with medication (nimodipine). But researchers have just put forward the interest of acupuncture.

Indeed, from a meta-analysis of 5 Chinese studies involving 568 people with the disease, scientists from Wuhan University have shown the effectiveness of this technique based on the stimulation of the meridians and the rebalancing of the body’s energies. . After 8 to 12 weeks, patients treated in this manner performed better on memorization and recognition tests than those who were satisfied with the molecule. Scientists therefore recommend combining the two approaches.

Encouraging results which should reconcile us all with the needles. And which remind us of the interest of this alternative medicine, the effects of which are known in particular on smoking cessation or the treatment of pain.


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