Advice from the naturopath against summer ailments

“Walking, swimming, omega 3 and clay, summer’s allies”:

When the weather is hot, the first thing to do is to hydrate yourself well, by drinking water regularly. Be careful, it must not be frozen, this could disturb digestion and trigger stomach aches, or even diarrhea. We are thinking of including waterlogged fruits and vegetables (zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, watermelon, etc.) in the menus.

Unless you are a very trained athlete, you avoid too cardio activities in the summer, you move, but reasonably! Yoga, swimming, walking, are perfect practices in hot weather.

Outdoors, we wear a hat to avoid sunstroke, and glasses to avoid damaging our eyes. However, when you are in the shade for example, you have to remember to take off your glasses from time to time, so that the retina understands that there is the sun, and transmit the information to the body, which suits it. get in condition.

To avoid heavy legs, daily take 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil rich in omega 3 (rapeseed, walnuts, perilla, camelina…), allows to soften the membranes of the blood vessels.

Finally, if you are going abroad, consider taking a little clay in tube or powder, which you can mix with water to sanitize it, if it is polluted.

Thanks to Sandrine Frappier, naturopath,

SOS little female ailments

In summer, women’s privacy is particularly sensitized. The sand, the heat, the sea salt, are all factors of aggression, which can unbalance the vaginal flora and cause infections.

In case of vaginal yeast infection, regularly drinking cranberry (or cranberry) juice has been shown to be effective. This red berry, with antibacterial and antifungal properties not only helps fight infections of the urinary system, but also helps prevent them. Homeo side, if the discharge is not irritating, take 3 times a day 2 granules of Pulsatilla 9 CH.

If you experience discomfort, take 2 granules of Candida albicans 9 CH 3 times a day. If you are prone to vaginal yeast infection, you can take a course of probiotics before going on vacation, in order to strengthen your intestinal flora.

To avoid itching and pain, choose cotton clothing, not too close to the body and avoid synthetic materials in which you sweat more. And above all, at the end of the day, remember to rinse your entire body well, in order to remove the sand and salt. On the plate, we opt for bananas, vegetables (artichoke, shallot, asparagus, tomato…). Know that olive oil, turmeric, ginger and soy are also allies!

The all-rounder

In addition to its scent that smells of the South, lavender has many virtues for our health. The Romans already used it, in their baths and treated skin conditions by rubbing the flowers on their skin. To sleep well, in case of headaches, or even before a stressful journey, prepare an infusion by counting 1 teaspoon of flowers for a cup of water. You can consume up to three cups per day. To disinfect, help the healing of a small wound or calm a slight burn, soak a compress in this preparation (once cooled), and apply it directly to the skin, leave on for about ten minutes. Lavender is also an effective mosquito repellent: place a bouquet in your house, or put a drop of essential oil on the inside of your handle at night, to keep insects away.

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Homeopathy: summer essentials

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