Aesthetic medicine and beauty center: what to know before having a treatment in the summer

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Increases in every part of the world request for beauty treatments, from the most classic of facial cleansing to aesthetic medicine protocols, such as hyaluronic acid fillers, botox and carboxytherapy. The motivation? More than one: on the one hand in quarantine we experienced a kind of neglect, hence the desire to invest in aesthetic treatments “all over“.

On the other, the boom of video calls and the excessive use of Instagram – both exploded during the months of solitary confinement – led many women to a more careful approach towards one’s physical appearance. Without unnecessarily obsessing over, the idea of put some beauty treatments on your agenda, whether they are in the beauty center or aesthetic medicine center. As long as know some key information, to avoid surprises. Word to the experts, for those wishing to book a beauty treatment at this stage of the year.

Before doing beauty treatments in the summer

Would you like to treat yourself to a beauty treatment before the holidays? As he remembers Silvia Russo, facialist, biotechnologist and beauty trainer of Natural Bio Lifting in Milan, “It should be remembered that exposure to the summer sun does not go along with some aesthetic protocols, especially those reserved for the face. Indeed, it is necessary. pay a lot attention to all rituals exfoliant acid-based, avoiding laser treatments to lighten spots even at this stage of the year. I also advise against the face cleaning if a lot strong especially if you are about to leave for the sea or the mountains. The risk of exposing oneself to the sun after this kind of professional protocols is that the skin is too vulnerable, unable to adequately protect itself from atmospheric agents. In addition, acids for cosmetic use such as glycolic acid and retinolo make the skin photosensitive, with the risk of stains. If you really want to book a facial exfoliant to renew your skin, make sure it is used only mandelic acid, which does not make the skin photosensitive. Last but not least, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen with high SPF (minimum 30) for the days to come “.

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Appointment with the aesthetic doctor, do & do not

According to Valentina Finotti, plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor of Sotherga in Milan, “There are no problems this season a choose injection treatments, namely the classic fillers with hyaluronic acid for cheekbones, chin or lips. The only recommendation: avoid exposing yourself to the sun and / or taking a sauna or hammam on the day of the treatment and consider that for about 24 hours you could small hematomas on the affected area. Ablative laser treatments are not recommended in summer, to be re-programmed in autumn, as well as i peeling at high concentrations and lasers for hair removal, if in the following weeks you plan to be outdoors. Very well, however, at this time of year moisturizing and detox treatments with the Hydrafacial method, to clean the skin without stressing it, but also biorevitalization and bioremodeling sessions based on hyaluronic acid. Front body, green light (indeed, very free!) To carbossiterapia, medical technique useful for reducing fluid retention, capable of giving relief of heaviness in the legs, promoting microcirculation and helping when the heat is felt. To reach the sea lightened and with reduced cellulite “.

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