Alessandra Sublet all tanned, top manicure and ultra-bright smile

Followed by more than 279,000 Internet users on Instagram, Alessandra Sublet likes to show off naturally on his Instagram account. It is precisely very appreciated for this characteristic, for her communicative smile also for his humor. Moreover, the famous radio host recently appeared without makeup, with a lot of humor, next to a lemon meringue pie crushed on the ground. Alessandra Sublet also displays her wrinkles with pride on Instagram, as well as her most beautiful beauty treatments (with her canon square left natural). More recently still, the native of Lyon once again revealed his natural face, without no trace of makeup. In this last shot, the young woman appears more trendy than ever with a sparkling smile. Something to delight his fans, who greatly appreciate his jovial personality!

Alessandra Sublet au naturel: sparkling and at the forefront of the trend

Alessandra Sublet recently did a natural shoot with a professional photographer in the countryside. The message of this shoot in question? Promote the natural beauty of the 43-year-old host. Indeed, she does not seem to wear any makeup (apart from a perfectly applied nail polish) and, as often, exudes spontaneity with her sincere and sparkling smile. On this sublime shot, Alessandra Sublet is gorgeous with a large capeline and a low-cut nightie, and remains very original. In the black and white photo, the happy mother of two children (Charlie and Alphonse Miserez) appears bright, and for good reason, she explains in her caption that she had a wonderful day: “Wonderful day!” can we read, under the cliché in question. His fans are totally in love: “Beautiful”, “Sublime smile”, “A shot filled with happiness”, “Great this photo”. What do you think ? We love it!

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