Alessandra Sublet poses with fun and without makeup

Very appreciated by the French for its natural and spontaneous personality, Alessandra Sublet is followed by more than 281,000 Internet users on Instagram. She quite frequently publishes pictures of herself there, to the delight of her fans. Recently, she appeared more gorgeous than ever au naturel, or quite tanned, manicure on top with an ultra-bright smile. She also turned out to be very trendy with her short bob. Yesterday, Wednesday July 29, the famous radio and television host was once again displayed naturally on Instagram : she has indeed posted a photo full of fun with a surgical mask, without any artifice, during a moment of relaxation at the Spa.

Alessandra Sublet au naturel: we love her tanned complexion!

Defined eyebrows, tanned complexion: Alessandra Sublet did no need for makeup to “shine” ! The secrets of naturally tanned skin? The sun of course (from which we absolutely protect ourselves with an SPF cream), but also certain foods rich in beta-carotene, such as carrots! To benefit from all its qualities, you can eat it raw in salads or cooked in soups, or even integrate it into your beauty treatments, by opting for a oily carrot macerate. This product is also the ally of mature skin: it slows down skin aging thanks to its high content of antioxidants (such as beta-carotene, previously mentioned). The oily carrot macerate is particularly useful at this time (during the summer period) since it will prepare your skin for tanning and help you maintain it. How to use it ? You just need to add a few drops to your usual cream, and voila!

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Best team ever!! Where are u partner? ? @lepetitmedspa ? lepetitmedspa paris

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