Alessandra Sublet sublime with her trendy short bob, she poses without makeup (wow)

Alessandra Sublet just posted a picture of her in panties and open shirt on which it is ultra-canon. On her latest Instagram post, the radio host has posed without makeup and with its short bob left natural : it is simply superb. This is not the first time that Alessandra Sublet is exposed on her Instagram account without artifice. Indeed, the bubbly brunette is used to natural looks, like when she has posed on a fun shot or when she has displayed her bright white smile that contrasts with her perfect golden tan. The beauty makes it a point of honor to remain spontaneous! So, she even shows funny moments to her fans: she pose next to a lemon meringue pie that she has just dropped. She also tested an easy hairstyle on his short square. Alessandra Sublet is sublime in all circumstances!

Alessandra Sublet canon without makeup: she assumes natural

The photos without retouching and her natural face do not scare the star. At 43, she dares to show off without makeup, and she is still beautiful. In a video interview for Femme Actuelle, she even explained that makeup was absolutely not mandatory for her: “I have already done 1,000 interviews without wearing makeup”. It doesn’t matter if we see his rides d’expressions, totally natural, Alessandra Sublet does not care. Wrinkles appear little by little with age: it is a totally normal phenomenon, and so do not be ashamed of it!

In the photo, the beauty is once again very spontaneous and shows humor by sticking out her tongue. In the other photo, she just smiles. We love ! These photos were posted as part of a shoot made by our colleagues from home Gala. And the result shows her more beautiful and natural than ever, always in a good mood and radiant. It is not his fans who will say the opposite: “Sublime as usual”, “You are a real ray of sunshine does not change anything”, “You are wonderful. Simple, talented”… They are won over! and you ?

Superb Alessandra Sublet without makeup: a real natural beauty (Wow!)

Alessandra Sublet sexy in a small ultra-low neckline nightie and XXL hat, she seduces the Web!

Alessandra Sublet hot in a swimsuit, she reveals her perfect figure!


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