Alexander Technique: changing your habits to relieve tension

Who is this method for?

This method is suitable for all, from the age of 7 years. There is no particular contraindication. The goal is to feel better, to access inner well-being, to release physical and mental tensions.

Elderly people too can use this method, for example to solve balance problems.

The Alexander method is also beneficial to athletes and artists, who wish to improve their technique and boost their performance.

What happens during a session ?

The session is generally individual. It can sometimes be done in a group, but in this case, there is always an individualized moment. Its objective is to make the person aware of his blockages, the idea is to rebalance him, to support him to find the keys to “well-being”.

We can speak of a “typical” session, but they are personalized each time. The work is done on the mental habits, and the physical functioning of each, and it requires participation on the part of the patient.

After having discussed with the person to identify their needs, to know their health history (illness, accident…), their personal history, their expectations, the practitioner begins with relaxation, which is generally done on a massage table.

It is neither massages nor osteopathy. It works gently on the movements, mobilizes the joints, acts on the notion of alignment. The goal of this step is to invite you to let go, to help the person come back to themselves, through touch, to be able to take full advantage of the rest of the session.

Then, the practitioner adapts his exercises according to the needs, the problems. It seeks to put the person in a situation (in front of a computer, in motion, standing, sitting, etc.) in order to deal with the difficulties as closely as possible and to target everyday movements where there could be “blocking”. You can also work in front of a mirror, to become aware of what is happening, for example, if the person is constantly leaning to one side.

It takes into account the physical aspects that could be linked to mental blockages: fears, anxiety, doubts …

Finally, he gives exercises that the person can reproduce at home. They are adapted to each one: some seek tonicity or on the contrary a return to calm, while others want to learn to manage their emotions or learn to breathe correctly. The goal is that she can then introduce them into her daily life, put into practice the Alexander technique, “in real life”.

What results?

The results obtained depend on the investment of the person and the nature of the “problem” to be addressed. Sometimes 3 or 4 sessions over a year will be enough, but in other cases it will be necessary to follow 2 sessions per month to see real effects.

After following the Alexander technique, people are more in contact with their sensations, more attentive to their body and their “inner self”. There has been work on their relationship to themselves which helps them return to listening to themselves, which gives the keys to detecting deep tensions thanks to sensory and verbal indications.

Anxious people will learn to manage stress, other profiles will see relief from pain, which can be occasional or chronic: migraine, sciatica, tendonitis …

The Alexander Technique can also be of help for people with Parkinson’s disease or who suffer from eating disorders.

Artists such as singers, for example, boost their performance by improving their technique. The Alexander method unlocks the bodily aspect, to release the artistic part that is in them. The practitioner can help the artist’s preparation by “jumping” the physical brakes, which are indicative of mental brakes.

Athletes can also find an advantage: the practitioner helps them recover after intense effort, helps them relax and prevents the risk of injury. It also gives them the keys to be more attentive to themselves, so their performance is improved. Once again, we work on both the physical and the mental aspects.

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