All in chocolate: top 7 best perfumes with the aroma of your favorite delicacy

What could be tastier than chocolate? It is impossible to treat it indifferently: someone loves dark dark chocolate, someone loves sweet milk chocolate, and someone prefers chocolate with nuts or other filling. In any case, everyone loves chocolate, which means that many will also like the perfume with the aroma of chocolate! We have selected the top 7 best in our opinion (and in popularity) flavors that include chocolate notes.

«Chocolate Greedy» от Montale

If you ask someone what chocolate spirits they know, most will answer, “Of course, Montale!” And they will be right, because this brand specializes mainly in mono aromas, and especially in the most “delicious” ones: vanilla, peach and, of course, chocolate. However, the perfume “Chocolate Greedy” cannot be called a mono-aroma, because they consist not only of one note of chocolate, but of many components of the olfactory pyramid, which give us an interesting and multifaceted aroma.

The composition is based on bitter chocolate, which is complemented by even more bitterness of freshly roasted coffee beans. These top notes are complemented by tonka beans and vanilla. But from the sugary sweetness of these dominant notes, the aroma relieves the notes of orange and dried fruit. It is interesting that, like many other perfumes of the Montal brand, Chocolate Greedy perfumes can be used not only by modern men, but also by women. It is more suitable for evening use and will warm you in the cold season.

«Black Orchid» от Tom Ford

The legendary “Black Orchid” from the Tom Ford brand embodies everything that the founder of the brand Tom Ford put at the forefront – luxury without excessive pomp, status without pretentiousness, style and elegance. And, despite the fact that the orchid became the central note of the composition (as the name implies), a lot of space is allotted here to chocolate and other sweet notes. All this makes Tom Ford’s Black Orchid shimmer with versatility and sophistication.

The first thing that becomes audible is the tart notes of ylang-ylang and citrus bergamot, tangerine and lemon. But if now you imagined that this aroma is purely citrus, then you are deeply mistaken. Citrus notes are lost when black currants, fragrant truffles, and the very central floral arrangement – orchid and lotus – come into play. Chocolate completes the aroma by skillfully combining with spices and herbs: vanilla, amber, sandalwood, patchouli and even incense.

Luxurious perfume

4-в-1: «Dark Chocolate», «Devil’s Food», «Chocolate Covered Cherries», «Chocolate Chip Cookie» от Demeter

We couldn’t help but remember about the Demeter brand. Because who, if not Demeter, is able to deliver even the most unusual mono aromas with unrivaled performance. There is the scent of rain, and the smell of earth, and even the smells of vinyl and book cover. Well, the brand has as many as four aromas allocated to the chocolate theme at the same time.

The names speak for themselves. “Dark Chocolate” is a pure bitter aroma of dark chocolate, exactly the one that we feel immediately, as soon as we tear the foil of the tile. The aroma of “Devil’s Food” exudes a real temptation. And although perfumers decided to call it “Food of the Devil”, we are more inclined to believe that it is the food of the gods, because it is the sweetest brownie in the world, poured with chocolate glaze.

Chocolate Covered Cherries – for fans of chocolate covered cherries. The aroma consists of notes of dark chocolate, complemented by cherries and alcoholic splashes. But “Chocolate Chip Cookie” resembles a chocolate cookie – it is a mix of three types of chocolate (black, white and milk), burnt sugar and sweet vanilla.

TOP 7 best perfumes with chocolate aroma

«The One Sexy Chocolate» от Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s The One series has many variations on the theme of the main perfume. In 2009, the line was replenished with The One Sexy Chocolate – much more passionate and sensual, sweet and inviting, but also more romantic and carefree than its predecessor. The composition is based on a combination of chocolate and fruit, but the spices made it not cloying at all, but very tempting.

Dolce & Gabbana’s “The One Sexy Chocolate” is the first to hear notes of sweet and delicate vanilla. Then musk and amber come into play, and the tart spice is replaced by a whole bunch of exotic fruits and, of course, chocolate. The perfume is very warm and incredibly persistent, it sounds very interesting in the autumn-winter season, and you can use it not only in the evening, but also during the day.

«Mat Chocolat» от Masaki Matsushima

This fragrance cannot be called a novelty, because it was developed back in 2004. But since then he has not lost the momentum of his popularity and won loyal fans. “Mat Chocolat” by Masaki Matsushima will definitely appeal to all those who love dark chocolate and cocoa aroma. At the same time, the composition is complemented by fruits, but it is very refined and elegant thanks to woody and amber notes. Suitable more for evening use, add romance and sexuality to its owner.

The first notes of berries and fruits are heard: watermelon and grapefruit, as well as black currant. The scent of rose petals adds tenderness and removes sweetness. The main notes are dark chocolate and cocoa beans, and the composition is completed by sandalwood, musk and coconut. The perfume is enclosed in a bottle with an interesting design: the irregular shape of the deep brown bottle is a bit like a melted chocolate bar.

«So New York» от Bond No 9

An interesting trend can be traced in the Bond No 9 brand: no matter how sweet and even delicate the fragrances of this brand are, perfumers uniquely position them as unisex fragrances. That is, any brand perfume will play equally well on both female and male skin. “So New York” by Bond No 9 is a delicious gourmand composition for sweet lovers. At the same time, she also has some bitterness, which, probably, attracts experts who claim that this fragrance is quite suitable for men.

So New York by Bond No 9 opens with the scent of … plum pie. Unexpected, agree? But really, the first audible notes are the smell of ripe juicy plum and dark chocolate. All this is complemented by the aroma of freshly brewed espresso and delicate notes of milk. I just want to imagine a still life: plum cake with chocolate and a cup of coffee. Excessive sweetness is neutralized by notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and patchouli.

«Desire Me» от Escada

Escada brand perfumers are very skillful in creating their compositions, managing to combine an abundance of notes in them. But at the same time, perfumes are not perceived as oversaturated, but rather complex and multifaceted. Moreover, each note opens at the right time. So it is with Escada’s Desire Me perfumes, which, although considered floral-fruity, can also be classified as chocolate. But not quite chocolate, but rather with the aroma of world-famous desserts.

The perfume reveals notes of citrus fruits – orange and tangerine, which are successfully complemented by the scent of red peony and notes of juicy fresh greens. But the composition, which remains for a long time and envelops like a trail, is based on the aromas of desserts: bitter coffee tiramisu and delicate curd cheesecake, complemented by notes of dark chocolate and shortbread cookies. Despite the obvious sweetness, the aroma is well perceived as daytime.

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