Alternative medicine to tackle colds

The homeo solution

If the nose is runny and itchy, with heavy sneezing, Allium Cepa 5CH; if the discharge is yellow and not irritating (contraindicated in case of otitis), Pulsatilla 5CH; if it is very liquid with eye irritation, Euphrasia 5CH; if the nose is blocked, Sambucus nigra 5CH; if the nasopharyngitis begins with a bout of high fever, Aconit 7CH. Take 2 granules of the medicine (s), three times a day.

The right plants

Take 50 drops of Echinacea mother tincture (immunostimulant) three times a day and 25 drops of Ginseng mother tincture (toning) twice a day.

The aroma reflex

Morning and evening, inhale Balsolène®, a mixture of essential oils of eucalyptus, mint and niaouli. To purify the atmosphere and improve respiratory comfort at night, diffuse a mixture of essential oil from Ravintsara and Tea tree in the bedroom for a quarter of an hour before bedtime.

On the trace side

Take Copper or Copper-Gold-Silver, in the form of drinkable ampoules (Granions®), perlingual ampoules (Oligosol®) or sugar tablets (Oligostim®): three doses per day for two days then 2 per day throughout the infectious episode.

The proposition nature

Favor green vegetables (in particular green cabbage, spinach, parsley), peppers, citrus fruits, kiwis and red fruits (in the frozen section in winter), plus a natural vitamin C cure (acerola). Perform nose washes with physiological saline or seawater-based sprays.

Grandma’s trick

Drink twice a day a grog made from lemon juice: squeeze a lemon, add a little lukewarm water, 1 tsp. of thyme honey and a pinch of ginger powder. This mixture gives you vitamin C (lemon juice), stimulates your defenses (thyme honey) and your tone (ginger powder).

The right spa treatment

If you or your child are regularly prone to ENT infections, which are complicated by otitis or chronic sinusitis (possibly with an allergic ground), undergo a spa treatment with the indication “ENT-respiratory tract”. Sulfur water-based treatments (nebulizations, gargles, sprays, nose washes, nasal irrigations, etc.) cleanse, cleanse and de-inflame the airways. Many resorts specialize in this indication: Aix-les-Bains, Luchon, Mont Dore, Challes-les-Bains, Jonzac… Rens.sur

Essential oils against winter ailments

Eucalyptus, ally of the respiratory tract

Put an end to the ENT problems of the summer

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