Amel Bent: her most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles since her debut (amazing!)

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Amel Bent dares different haircuts and hairstyles

At 34, Amel Bent displays thick, silky hair that she wears with a mid-length cut slightly degraded. A chic and refined look that perfectly highlights her face. And when the pretty brunette decides to change her head, she opts for hair extensions that allow her to create XXL ponytails, glamorous ties or sophisticated updos. Adept of curtain fringe, she likes to shorten the strands around the face to create a smoother movement and beautifully frame her face. Recently, Amel Bent has opted for a very original hairstyle that is back in force. Sublime !

At the start of her career, the young singer displayed long hair, often curly or wavy, and well degraded throughout. A glamorous look that allowed her to achieve all kinds of hairstyles: side hair, ties, bun, ponytails. With its Brown hair intense, she also fell in love with auburn undertones, chocolate highlights, for a shaded effect, for a golden sweep but also for a copper blonde shade much lighter than its natural color. The young woman definitely likes to play with the color of her hair and transform it according to her desires and according to trends. And that works for him rather well!

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Find all the most beautiful haircuts and hairstyles of Amel Bent



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