Amel Bent more canon than ever, she dares an original and chic hairstyle

Amel Bent is determined to make the most of her summer. Indeed, even when she was still in Paris, the beautiful brunette posted a photo of her in short jumpsuit and neon yellow. Canon! The star also recently displayed without makeup and with perfect eyebrows with a superb tanned complexion. Everything suits her, even the unusual hairstyles as on this Instagram photo where she dared the XXL volume in her hair. She also adopted the trendy hairstyle of the year and inspired by the years 1990/2000: a high ponytail with two wicks protruding in front. Amel Bent also takes advantage of having very long hair to achieve other hairstyles like her half ponytail on a cascade of glamorous curls or her very romantic messy bun.

Amel Bent canon with a chic and original hairstyle

Here, the sparkling singer has bet on a any other hairstyle, always very classy. She poses on the beach, in a tight and trendy dress that perfectly emphasizes her curves, with a curved ponytail. The principle ? Make a shell at the back of the head to give volume and add an elegant touch to the hairstyle. In addition, Amel Bent has decided not to tie her front locks to dress her forehead: it’s hot! To do this hairstyle, nothing could be simpler: start by brushing your hair, then lightly backcomb the part of the hair that is at the top of your head to give it volume. Then tie it all together with a trendy scrunchie of your choice, then adjust the shell part so that it is large enough. Spray hairspray, and you’re good to go! Do you like this hairstyle? We love it!

And fans of the star too, since many of them comment on his photo: “Really too beautiful”, “The most beautiful woman in the world”, “Simply stunning”… They are won over!



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