American Dream: Gucci put on a show in Hollywood inspired by the film industry

“Parade of Love” – ​​this is how Alessandro Michele called the collection, the show of which was transferred from Italy to Hollywood. This is the first live show of the fashion house in a year and a half. Hollywood celebrities themselves took to the podium – Gucci ambassadors Jared Leto, St. Vincent and Macaulay Culkin. From the front row, they were watched by Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Gwyneth Paltrow, who donned that same red Gucci velvet suit from 1996.

The designer dedicated the collection to his mother. She worked as an assistant in filmmaking – hence the Hollywood references. “I remember all the stories she told me, all the details and all the brilliance of this ‘dream factory’. The alabaster pallor of Marilyn Monroe and her transparent voice. Rita Hayworth’s black satin gloves and Veronica Lake’s velvet hair. The allure of Rock Hudson and the dizzying, transformative power of Kim Novak. Everything was like a fairy tale, ”writes Alessandro in an essay for the show. Then, while living in Rome, he began to dream of Hollywood. “Nine letters imbued with desire,” the designer describes.

Alessandro has captured both the silent film era, Westerns, and the golden age of Hollywood. And the guests, who were sitting in the director’s chairs, could only remember the history of cinema in order to guess the meaning of each image.

The collection includes fur capes, long gloves and diamonds – the real codes of Hollywood divas; corsets and garters in the spirit of the 1950s, which could only be seen on the screen; tuxedos and fluffy dresses straight off the red carpet.

Gucci invites everyone to look like we are already Hollywood stars.

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