The consequences of persistent dyeing are known to any girl who has experimented with hair color at least once: curls become dry and brittle, require intensive care and constant coloring of the roots. That is why toning became popular at one time – a magic ammonia-free coloring, which changes the shade of the hair without negative consequences, and, accordingly, toning hair dye.

Regular hair dye, as a rule, contains ammonia, a potent substance that destroys the hair structure and washes out natural pigment from it. Thus, an artificial dye comes to replace the natural color: this is how dyeing occurs.

Tinting hair dye works differently: its pigment does not penetrate into the hair structure, but envelops it from the outside, adding the necessary shade to the natural hair color.

Toning compositions are different – depending on the goals and objectives of this service. Someone wants to try for the first time to change the shade of the hair, someone is satisfied with the natural color, but wants to add brightness, and someone plans to maintain the color saturation of curls already painted with ordinary paint! Our experts told you which professional tinting hair dyes you should trust.

The ideal solution for those who have never dyed their hair with ammonia dye is toning with Dia Wealth from L’Oreal Professional.

The creators promise that the tinting composition will cope with gray hair by 70%, and the palette of the line is rich in natural shades – from ultra-deep tones to a light flair of a new color.

By the way, with the help of Dia Richesse you can even lighten your hair without harming it – however, only by 1.5 tones.

SalonSecret toning maintenance recipe. New beautiful shade Day will retain its brightness and saturation for up to 8 weeks if your care is based on products from the range Vitamino Color… Combine sulfate-free shampoo Soft Cleanser with mask Vitamino Color and accept Vitamin Color 10-в-1 for complex antioxidant color protection. You can add a pigment concentrate shot to the mask, depending on your shade: Violet (supports the cold nuance of the blonde), brown, gold, copper or red.

This line is from Matrix Suitable for those who have never dyed their hair, and for those whose curls have suffered from the effects of ammonia dye and need an urgent restoration of quality and color.

Each set includes not only the dye itself, but also an activator for it, which does not contain potent substances.

A separate bonus of the Matrix Color Sync palette is a colorless dye that does not affect the hair color in any way, but gives the already colored curls softness and shine.

SalonSecret toning maintenance recipe. After toning Color Sync stylists recommend introducing gamma into care Matrix… Shampoo is suitable for medium, cold blondes Brass Off with violet pigments, nourishing conditioner Brass Off and eponymous thermal protection cream… We recommend trying shampoo for very light blonde So Silver and restorative air conditioning from the same range. And brunettes and brown-haired women – pigmented shampoo Dark Envyneutralizing red and red tones, as well as conditioner Dark Envy – it enhances the shine and depth of dark hair.

The acidic pH balance of the dyes from this line allows you to make the coloring very soft, and the high percentage of proteins in the composition helps to strengthen the hair and restore it after previous dyeing or other negative effects.

Stylist and creative partner of the brand Redken Irina Zhokhova claims that stunning cold shades for blond are a serious plus of this line:

Even many multimaster working with different brands choose EQ Gloss for a cold blond, because their dyes have an incredible steel shine, which is very difficult to achieve.

This year, colorists using Shades EQ Gloss create unique star and casual looks with a pink nuance. In the dye palette there is a line of VR (which stands for Violet Rose) with very interesting shades. Hurry up to create incredibly fashionable pink tone in salons this summer Redken!

Pink hair color from teenage trends has evolved into neo-classics. This shade requires a “clean” background or its preliminary neutralization (lightening). If this condition is met, you can create. And you can endlessly create with pink! You can try a subtle nuance similar to a photo filter effect (like Rose Quartz or Delicate Rose), or you can add the brightness of Fuchsia or Barbie.

For this year’s shining and delicate blonde rose, choose full color over complex techniques with partial toning.

SalonSecret toning maintenance recipe. Pink is one of the most capricious shades, but with the right care it will stay with you for a long time. So, gamma Matrix Keep Me Vivid promises color stability up to 65 times of shampoo use. Find sulfate free shampoo here Keep Me Vivid, slows down color washout, glaze conditioner Keep Me Vivid and leave-in cream Velvetizer with a comfortable texture and UV filters.

Like every beauty service, hair toning has its pros and cons. SalonSecret experts answered the most popular questions about this type of staining.

tinting compounds
How long does the toning last?

As you probably know, due to the deep penetration of pigments into the hair, ammonia dyeing lasts a long time and is never completely washed out, but after three to four weeks the color at the roots will have to be refreshed, otherwise a sharp transition between length and natural tone will turn out. For tinting dyes, everything is a little different. They gradually lose their saturation and do not form horizontal boundaries between colors.

Earlier tinting compounds were washed off rather quickly, but now modern technologies and the correct application technique allow tinting paints to last up to 3-5 weeks! The durability of the shade can be extended by pigmented home care.

Stylist and creative partner of the brand Redken Irina Zhokhova says that the durability and brightness of the color of the tint paint depends on this important nuance:

It is recommended to apply the tinting paint to clean, dry hair. If the hair is damp, the water will become a natural blocker for the color pigment and the shade can wash out much faster.

Pay attention to this when toning in a beauty salon!

gray toning

Toning paint is able to change hair color in the range from one to three tones, but its composition does not cope very well with gray hair. It’s all about the principle of action: due to the fact that the tinting paint does not penetrate into the hair, grey hair one way or another they will be lighter than all other hairs – although they will acquire a different shade.

toning gray hair growing roots after toning

Who has not been angry at least once at the constant need to tint the roots growing back after staining? Toning copes with this problem on “one, two, three!”: The composition of the tinting paint is washed out not only quickly, but evenly, so that no roots that are too light or too dark are expected!

toning after highlighting

Brightening compositions, especially if they are used not in a beauty salon, but on their own, often give unwanted yellowness. It is the tinting paint that will help to cope with it, which can be used constantly and at the same time without harm to the hair.

A correctly selected product will help to gently correct the shade, fight against yellowness and add “heat” or “cold” to the curls.

In addition, the palette is rich in many shades – from the most unobtrusive natural tones to incredibly bright colors that cheer you up in an instant.

natural shade of hair

Many people do not dare to dye ammonia for fear of getting too bright or unnatural hair color. Toning also solves this problem: due to the mild effect, toning will give a very light and natural shade of hair – unless, of course, there is no task to “highlight” the curls neon!

toning during pregnancy

For pregnant women often they do not recommend dyeing the hair: the potent ingredients of ammonia dye will not harm the baby, but they can really cause an increased sensitivity of the scalp, even if nothing like this has happened to you before, and the dyeing itself due to the “hormonal explosion” during this period can give an unexpected result – to hold out for a very short time or to give a completely different color from the one indicated on the package.

Toning will in no way affect the sensitive (due to hormonal fluctuations) scalp, so it can be an excellent way out for expectant mothers who dream of changing their image during this important period of life!

color options for tinting compounds

Someone thinks that the possibilities of tinting paints are severely limited by a meager palette. This is not so – the variety of shades is no less bright here than in the palette of ammonia paints! You can choose from natural tones, or you can ask the salon stylist to mix something “like” for an intricate and unusual toning.



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