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Moisturizer for the face, Re-New & Lifting Face Defence, I Love Skin

– One of my favorite products, especially in the autumn, is a moisturizing cream of the Russian brand I Love Skin. The product has a very light texture, does not clog pores and is quickly absorbed, and most importantly – mattifies the skin. I always apply it immediately after washing, let it absorb and then start making up.

Price: 3450 rubles.

Emolliense facial moisturizer, SkinCeuticals

– Another favorite skincare brand is SkinCeuticals. Its creams are rich in nourishing oils: grape seed oil, rosehip, macadamia. Thanks to this cocktail, the skin becomes moisturized (but not greasy!), which is so lacking in windy weather.  

Price: 5616 rubles.

Makeup base, Make Up Atelier or Laura Mercier

– Before makeup, I always apply a face base from Make Up Atelier or from Laura Mercier. In autumn, this stage should not be missed, the weather conditions are trying in every possible way to rid the face of cosmetics, but it is with these products that the make-up lasts longer and looks natural.

Price: 1355 RUB. (Make Up Atelier,) 3420 RUB.(Laura Mercier)

Lip balm, Lucas’ Papaw

– I pay special attention to my lips, always choosing the Lucas balm’ Papaw. In the wind, the lips quickly chafe and become dry, but with this tool, you can forget about it.

Price: 685 rubles.

Natalia Miller

makeup artist, stylist (@nmillermua)


Youthquake facial cream-gel, Marc Jacobs Beauty

– I fell for this cream because of the beautiful minimalistic packaging – the jar is made of thick semi-opaque glass and supplemented with a weighty white lid, and because it includes pineapple enzymes. This is a great tool for autumn. I apply it in the morning in a thin layer along the massage lines of the face, this is enough to refresh the complexion and add radiance to it. I only advise you not to use cosmetics immediately, but to let the product absorb well, so as not to harm the quality of your makeup. The jar of cream I opened recently, but I can already say that it will last for a long time, the consumption is really minimal.
Price: 4090 rubles.

Oil for face Rosehip Oil, Trilogy

– Rosehip oil from an organic brand from New Zealand-salvation for the skin. The composition contains 80% of fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, which help to keep the skin hydrated and promote cell regeneration. The product does not leave a feeling of stickiness and film on the face, it is quickly absorbed and thoroughly saturates the dermis, making it smooth and taut.
Price: 2870 rubles. (30 ml)

Ampoules for the face “Perfect glow” Perfect Glow, Babor

– Babor ampoules have a special mission – the concentrate is designed specifically for those who do not break away from gadgets and constantly spend time with a computer, tablet or smartphone. With regular use, polysaccharides, cocoa peptides and special glow-pigments noticeably improve the microrelief of the skin and contribute to the restoration of natural radiance.
Price: 3150 rubles.

Liana Vodakhova

makeup artist of the Keep Looking salon chain


Moisturizing cream-gel for the face Moisture Surge 72 Hour, Clinique

– In autumn and winter, I choose the cream-gel Moisture Surge 72 Hour, Clinique to nourish and moisturize the skin. It contains aloe water and has a light texture.

Price: 4605 RUB (125 ml)

Moisturizing serum for the face, Prima Smart Moisture Serum, Giorgio Armani

– Under the cream, I always use the Giorgio Armani serum. It not only gives radiance, but also creates the effect of a three-week Spa care, has a lifting effect.

Price: 7900 rubles.

Face serum, Blue Serum, Chanel

“I also like Blue Serum, Chanel. Its composition includes extracts of olive and green coffee, which help restore skin elasticity, saturate it with moisture and launch regeneration processes. It is also suitable as a base for makeup.

Price: 7450 rubles.

Lyudmila Anshakova

hairdresser, make-up artist


Face peeling discs Rescue Peel Pads, Eve Lom

– Before applying makeup, I pay attention to the structure of the skin, its hydration. If there are small peeling, rashes and irregularities, I use restoring peeling discs from Eve Lom.

Price: 6300 RUB (60 PCs)

Toner-serum for the face, Pestlo

– After peeling discs, I apply my favorite toning serum from Pestlo. This is a vitamin explosion! After it, the skin becomes incredibly elastic, radiant and perfect for applying makeup.

Price: 3700 rubles.

Sunleya SPF 50 facial sunscreen, Sisley

– The fall of deceiving: it seems fresh and cool, but in fact at this time you still need to protect your skin from the sun. I use Super Soin Solaire SPF50 +UVA cream, Sisley. The key to beautiful makeup is proper skin preparation.


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