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SoColor Cult dye benefits

Usually, the pigments in hair dyes start working only after a chemical reaction with an oxidizing agent. Direct-acting pigments do not need activation, as well as presentation, they are actively used in tint shampoos and balms. A concentrated formula with new generation direct pigments that combine the safety of hair care products with color fastness – this is how the iconic dye was born Matrix… It works on the surface of the hair, completely blocking its color.

What do you need to know about SoColor Cult before painting?

  • The dye is applied only to clean, dry hair to form a uniform saturated color. Do you prefer pastel tender meat? Just mix the tone you like with the Clear dye from the range Matrix SoColor Cult.
  • The manufacturer categorically indicates: the dye gives the most saturated, bright and pure shade on hair with a tone level of 8 (light blonde) and above… But this does not mean that Cult will not suit light-haired and light brown-haired women, just the result will be softer and much calmer. Moreover, the dye is equally effective on colored and natural hair.
  • According to colorists, most of all SoColor Cult by its action resembles Matrix semi-permanent ammonia-free dyes, familiar to all lovers of safe toning. But, even in comparison with a gentle dye Color Sync. Cult contains even more caring supplements.
  • If the staining is done technically correct, the dye is washed out beautifully and naturally, gradually turning pale to a slight hint of tone.

Important! Cult dye must be washed off without shampoo, with cool water.

Matrix SoColor Cult Palette Review

By the standards of professionals, the line of the new dye seems to be modest: only 14 shades of semi-permanent Matrix SoColor Cult Semi (or Direct, which is the same thing) and 6 more tubes for fans of very persistent color. But the eyes still run up in this palette. How to find your shade?

  • Blond girls will appreciate the deep Black, Passionate (and searingly dangerous) red, royal purple and bottomless, like the depths of the ocean, shades Naval admiral and Sea lagoon.
  • Regulars of summer festivals are advised to pay attention to the cheerful Juicy yellow, whose packaging was occupied by cute ducklings, appetizing Freshly squeezed orange, extravagant fuchsia and Tropical purple.
  • Eco-friendly Sweet mint, coral star and Pink bubble gum will appeal to young rebels and rebels who are not afraid to be visible and loud, but also do not hide their love for gentle images.
  • Romantic natures also have plenty to choose from. Otherworldly Dusty turquoise already conquers the hearts of urban mermaids, and two shades of gray – Marble and Disco Silver – can be safely called the most instagram shades of the line.
  • An unmistakable vintage fleur is accompanied by four amazing shades: Faded Denim, Dusty Lilac, Lavender Dessert, and Dusty Blue.

However, a poll in the editorial office showed that the finished hit of the range is Sparkling rose, the shade of the most summer wine, the bubbles of which turn sultry evenings into a holiday. This is the color of the most beautiful August sunset you have ever seen.

But the real miracles begin when mixing these dyes in different proportions. This is a great way not only to easily change your image to suit your mood, but also to find a unique shade that is in harmony with your inner world.

CULT summer trends

The SalonSecret editors always vote for the choice of color for your individual taste, but taking into account fashion trends. What shades and combinations are relevant in the summer of 2020? Colorist tells Maria Artemkina… According to the expert, 2020 is a year of contrasts, disagreements and … unity!

Trend # 1 Opal Hair


“More bold contrasts! This is the motto for this summer and all 2020. More and more clients in Russia are trying color dyeing, and one of the hits is full blond with a tint. Imagine transparent, airy white hair with a touch of heavenly blue, emerald, pink. This is available precisely with the use of direct dyes. The coloring is based on very light “transparent blondes” plus highly diluted direct pigment SoСolor Cult and a lot of transparent base. This effect on the hair is also called Opal Hair. ”

Maria Artemkina
Technologist and Color Hacker Matrix




According to Maria, the trick of such stains is that direct pigments take care of the hair and are suitable for blondes who have seen a lot. So if it seems to you that the strands are tired of frequent dyeing, you definitely need CULT Opal Hair. But natural hair Cult will not color – you still have to lighten. This trend is also suitable for a grown-up blonde, if you are not against such a combination: the color of your hair and the color length.

Trend # 2 Colored ombre





“The second idea for full color is the unity of dark color and light color. For example, stretch from deep purple to blue-white ends. Ideal for overgrown ombre, rare highlights or long-growing blond. Dark to dark, light to light – and the trend is ready. Ideally, you can add a couple of light strands around the face. In such stains, feel free to choose dirty hair, i.e. shades of gray or purple with a drop of black pigment, for a dusty effect. ”


Trend # 3 Unicorns



“How many fingers do you see? We choose so many shades. Feel free to color freshly bleached hair or a grown-up blond using the Glitch technique (creating the effect of bright color “interference” on the hair, often in the form of zigzags. – Ed.) Or using the free hand technique. Any ideas are welcome – from emoji on the back of the head to a full rainbow. Such stains have been gaining momentum for 4-5 years, and now is the moment when you can wear whatever you want! ”



Variety of nuances – from clean and vibrant to vintage-dusty – and the sheer Clear shade make the palette and possibilities SoColor Cult limitless. In the hands of a paint master, they are able to create any image of your choice!

FAQ: you asked – the expert answers

Regional Training Manager Matrix Victoria Kerova knows everything about the dye, so we turned to her with the backlog of questions.

Why can’t you use SoColor Cult yourself at home?

Victoria: “Since there is no need to mix the dye with the oxide, it can be deceiving that SoColor Cult is easy to use. Yes, you don’t need to mess with measuring containers, but there are a lot of little things to consider. You need to know the exact dosages to create unusual color cocktails from several shades of SoColor Cult. In addition, only a specialist trained to work with this or that dye will say with confidence what result to expect on your unique hair. By uniqueness, I mean my history: the condition of the strands, porosity and its spread along the hairline, when and with what was the last dyeing, and so on. For example, on unevenly porous hair, inept work with the product will lead to the fact that some shades will be washed out with spots. The layman will apply the dye in the way he is used to, or on the wrong base tone – and eventually will be disappointed in a week. ”

What colorants or brightening products can SoColor Cult be combined with?

Victoria: “There are no particular restrictions. In complex dyeing, permanent dye or ammonia-free dye can be used to create the main color, and SoColor Cult can be applied to individual strands. The process requires accuracy. One careless movement and the shades will blend.
For maximum expression of the finest color nuances, before applying direct dye to dark bases, I lighten the hair to the eighth tone, using the Light Master lightening powder with the Bond Ultim8 caring product. ”

How to care for hair after using direct dye?

Victoria: “With SoColor Cult, no special care is needed, since the dye works on the surface and does not damage the hair structure. But you can’t do without cosmetics to preserve color. When we say that a rich tone will survive up to 42 shampoo uses without problems, we mean washing your hair with a mild cleanser and the obligatory use of a conditioner. In this case, the care line is ideal. Keep Me Vivid without sulfates and containing pearl powder that gives shine to hair. The use of another professional segment is not prohibited, the main thing is the presence of the mark “for colored hair”. It is advisable to reduce shampooing to twice a week, and switch to dry shampoo in between. Do not forget about indelible care: serums and sprays should also be aimed at protecting the color and enhancing the shine of the hair. ”

What bright dyeing techniques are especially relevant this year?

Victoria: “Nowadays, individual, unique looks, endless variations in the placement and mixing of colors are relevant – as, for example, in the Color Melting technique. The Matrix trendy color collections will appeal to everyone: minimalists, adventurers and fans of visual expression. I would like to note that when it comes to painting as an art, masters come to our seminars not only to get acquainted with the trend and for the opportunity to try in practice to create their own unique image. They come not least for inspiration.
Of course, each of the existing trends needs to be adapted to the needs of the client: someone gravitates towards bright, bold images, someone prefers more delicate, pastel colors. With SoColor Cult, you can create any color. On the basis of this dye and transparent Clear, all existing and non-existent in nature pastel shades are available, and a fresh extraordinary image is obtained in just 30-35 minutes. ”


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