Analgesic hypnosis: how to relieve chronic pain using energy psychology

Energy psychology helps you instantly relieve chronic pain. You will be able to quickly regain freedom of movement. Over the course of the sessions you will learn to manage your emotions which are at the origin of chronic pain. This in-depth work makes you see your limiting beliefs in a more positive light. Sleep will be your greatest asset to regenerate your chronic pain.

Chronic Pain: Why Energy Psychology Can Help

Energy psychology is easy to implement in your daily life. With analgesic hypnosis we will together find your triggers. Very quickly you will find a meaning in your life and you will be able to enjoy the present moment again. As the chronic pain subsides you regain confidence in your life which will increase your self-esteem. Your body will spontaneously have more energy.

The therapist will help you mobilize your own resources thanks to:

– Cardiac coherence which balances your neuro-vegetative system to create a therapeutic base.

– Metaphorical hypnosis which allows travel hinders the body to quickly relieve chronic pain.

– The 5-sentence technique that allows you to distance yourself from the emotions that are associated with chronic pain.

– Sophrology / relaxation which intensifies muscle relaxation and you will immediately feel the relief of chronic pain.

– EFT, which works on limiting beliefs by touching acupuncture points with tapping for a fluidity of energies which are frozen and which give chronic pain.

– MATRIX, which makes you travel in the past / future to find the origin of the pain and restore the correctness of the associated emotions.

– NLP will install and strengthen your inner power to restore your esteem and self-confidence.

– EGO STATE, which harmonizes the inner parts which are in conflict and which feed the pain.

A definition of pain

The term pain comes from the Latin name “dolor” meaning “the suffering of the body or the mind”. From one person to another, the perception of pain sensation differs for the same lesion.

She depends :

• circumstances

• of his personal experience and his culture

• the emotion it can generate

We all know that pain during heartache can cause abdominal pain without causing injury and yet there is pain.

Acute pain: At the “acute” stage, it is an essential alarm signal for the survival of the organism. This alert signal then requires urgent consultation in order to benefit from the care appropriate to his condition. Once treated, this pain will go away.

Chronic pain: It is a pain that has been evolving for more than 3 to 6 months. It no longer has any meaning because it no longer acts as an alert. It weakens, makes treatments less effective and decreases the chances of recovery.

Thanks to Elke Soufflier, hypnosis practitioner certified and validated by the Medoucine network.


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