Ancient Egypt and sex: how did the inhabitants of a great state have fun in the past?

You will learn about how Cleopatra put wild bees into the pumpkin and for what purpose the wealthy Egyptians took fake genitals with them into the coffin. And today we will continue to share strange facts about Ancient Egypt and its inhabitants.

Fact no. 4 Lotus wine

If drugs like cocaine or marijuana were previously in the public domain and were used for medicine, various rituals and other actions, then there were also prohibited goods at that time. This was the blue water lily known as the “blue lotus” as the plant was very rare. And they loved the flower for its magical properties, because the composition of the water lily contained alkaloids, which influenced not only the mind, but also the degree of arousal. One of the found Turin erotic papyri shows that the girls are wearing nothing but a lotus woven into their hair.

Fact number 5 Olive oil

In addition to the fact that the oil was actively used in the cooking process, it was invented to include it in sexual intercourse. There, the oil was intended as a third-party lubricant if the partner’s natural lubricant was not enough.

The product was especially popular among those who preferred same-sex contacts. And the Egyptians in no way condemned this, coming up with new perversions and ways out of difficult situations.

Fact number 6 Food

If you thought you were using them directly, then you are not. It was just that the Egyptians chose a range of foods that they believed sparked passion. These included pomegranate, onion, mandrake root, lettuce and much more. People actively used all of the above if there was a date or a meeting with a soul mate ahead of them. And those who chose the path of the priest and promised to keep celibacy could not eat these products.

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