There are a few rules on how to wear things.

Clothes can be ruined /

Well-known designer Andre Tan told how you can ruin things even the size of XS.

Forget about your waist


If your waist is wider than you would like, you should choose things with an emphasis on curves. Do not forget about belts and belts.

Close the neck area

If you have a long neck, then you can wear things with a deaf high collar. In other cases, prefer a gate that does not fit snugly.

Do not look at the quality of the fabric

Poor quality fabric will play a nasty joke on you and emphasize everything you want to hide. Therefore we choose a dense fabric.

Choose underwear not in size

Small underwear can add creases to the body. The same applies to the straps.

Hide behind the oversize

Loose-fitting clothes are especially relevant now, but remember that such a thing must be paired with fitted.




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