Anti-aging: 10 natural tips to fight oxidative stress

What is oxidative stress? Nothing to do with psychological stress. Oxidative stress (we also speak of “oxidative stress”) is observed at the cellular level: it occurs when an imbalance appears between free radicals (molecules derived from oxygen and produced by the body) and antioxidants (molecules whose role is to neutralize free radicals).

A deficiency in antioxidants and / or an overproduction of free radicals therefore creates an imbalance: this is oxidative stress. Problem: this is the cause of many health problems – fatigue, circulatory or joint disorders, vision problems, skin problems … Oxidative stress is also widely involved in the phenomenon of cellular aging.

Pollution, tobacco, drugs … They promote oxidative stress

How to fight against oxidative stress? First, it is about giving up certain bad habits: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, but also psychological stress, an unbalanced diet (that is to say too rich in fats, sugars and / or too industrial), pollution, taking certain drugs, exercising too intense … are all factors that can promote an imbalance at the cellular level.

Deuzio, it is essential to regularly replenish antioxidants through the diet: experts advise eating 7 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Added to this are vegetable oils, oilseeds, superfruits (pomegranate, for example) … In short, a healthy Mediterranean diet!

Discover 10 natural tips to fight against oxidative stress!

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