Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen We do at home

With subcutaneous (superficial) deposition, which can be caused by the use of foods containing a large amount of carbohydrates, cellulite appears on the abdomen. The orange peel treatment complex includes: diet, exercise, use of special cosmetics, as well as anti-cellulite abdominal massage.

The course of such a massage can be taken in the salon, trusting a specialist. Or you can learn the technique and do it yourself at home. This massage is usually done in two ways:

  • manually – the classic way;
  • using cans – vacuum method.

How anti-cellulite belly massage works

Massage of the abdomen for cellulite is a fairly effective method of removing subcutaneous deposits.

During it:

  • blood circulation increases;
  • lymph flow is restored;
  • improves metabolism (metabolic process);
  • fat burning occurs;
  • the work of the intestines is restored and constipation is eliminated.

During a session of anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen and sides of movement:

  • stimulate collagen production;
  • tighten and smooth the skin;
  • eliminate stretch marks;
  • oxygenate the pores;
  • remove excess water and toxins.

The time when the first results of massage therapy appear will depend on several factors. For some, one course is enough (10-15 sessions), but the godfather will need to go through 2-3 courses.

The speed of the onset of the massage effect depends on the following factors:

  • the amount of body fat;
  • the severity of cellulite;
  • age;
  • food and lifestyle;
  • additional procedures (skin scrubbing, wraps, use of anti-cellulite cosmetics);
  • individual and genetic characteristics.

But in any case, the first signs of a positive impact will be noticeable already in the first week.


Like any procedure, anti-cellulite abdominal massage has contraindications. Such therapy is definitely not allowed for women during pregnancy. But after giving birth, a massage course will effectively help get rid of folds and stretch marks and prevent the development of cellulite.


You cannot conduct sessions:

  • with colds and infectious diseases or immediately after them;
  • recent surgery in the abdomen, if there are still unhealed scars and wounds;
  • skin problems – eczema, psoriasis, oncology, acne and abscesses;
  • endocrine system disease;
  • hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • problems with blood clotting.

Before deciding to take a course of anti-cellulite abdominal massage, be sure to consult with your gynecologist and / or endocrinologist.

Manual anti-cellulite massage technology

manual anti-cellulite belly massage

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen at home is easiest to carry out in the classical way, that is, with your hands. It can be done using various anti-cellulite creams and folk remedies, such as honey.


If you decide to do an anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen at home, then you need to properly prepare for it. This means that you cannot carry out the procedure immediately after eating. Best of all – an hour before or an hour after a meal.

Before starting the procedure, you need to prepare the body: take a shower (if possible, visit a bath or sauna) and cleanse the pores of the skin from sweat, salt, impurities and dead cells. This is done by scrubbing and / or using an anti-cellulite brush.

To enhance the effect of the massage, lubricate the belly and sides with cream before starting it. You can pre-use cling film for wrapping (for half an hour or an hour), this will make the skin softer and more elastic. But then don’t forget to wash off the sweat with a warm shower.

Massage technique

Massage for cellulite on the abdomen is performed as follows:

  1. In the classic version of massaging, it is best to start by warming up the abdomen by stroking it, which is carried out in circular (clockwise and counterclockwise) movements. There should be at least 15 such movements in one direction and the other.
  2. Then the skin is kneaded, collecting in folds with your fingers, pinching and moving from above (from the chest) down the stomach. And so 10-15 times.
  3. Smooth the skin of the abdomen once again and, using the swing exercise (putting your palms together, grab part of the skin), go through the entire area with such rolling movements.
  4. Pass the ribs of the palms (horizontally across the waist), rubbing the skin from the back to the navel.
  5. Rub the abdomen (lightly pressing) with your knuckles, rotating in a spiral from top to bottom.
  6. Pat your fingers lightly all over your belly.
  7. Slightly pinching the skin, walk from bottom to top and back.
  8. You need to finish the massage with smooth (without pressure) circular strokes.


The entire session of the procedure should not take more than 20-25 minutes.

The massage should not touch the internal organs; it should be carried out exclusively on the superficial folds of the abdominal skin.

After the massage, it is necessary to lubricate the abdominal area with cream and lie down for a while to restore blood circulation. Therefore, it is best to conduct sessions in the evening before bedtime.

The duration of a classical massage course is usually 12-15 days. You can repeat it no earlier than a month later. Do not forget that its effectiveness will depend on diet and physical activity during and after the course.

Useful video about manual anti-cellulite abdominal massage

Technology of anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen with cans

The vacuum massage method is considered one of the most effective in the fight against cellulite on the abdomen and sides. You can use silicone, glass, plastic or rubber cans.


Recommendations for preparing for anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen with cans at home:

  • Do not under any circumstances massage on an empty stomach. But you shouldn’t gorge yourself either. The optimal time to start the procedure is 1.5–2 hours after a meal.
  • Make sure to take a warm, but not hot shower. It will not only increase blood flow, but also cleanse the skin of dirt and dead cells. You can use a massage glove for rubbing.
  • Before the process, lubricate the abdomen and adjacent areas with an anti-cellulite cream. If you don’t have one at hand, then the usual massage, with the addition of aromatic oils.
  • Before using the vacuum, warm up your belly with smooth clockwise circular motions or a stream of water from the shower.

Massage technique

anti-cellulite tummy massage

Lubricate the edges of the cans with oil, and then proceed to the anti-cellulite abdominal massage:

  1. The massage can be performed both standing and lying down. The main thing is that the abdominal muscles are not tense, and the skin itself is not drawn into the vacuum by more than 1.5 cm.
  2. Place the jars on both sides of the navel (closer to the sides). In the middle of the abdomen (navel area), massage is not recommended.
  3. Move the vacuum in a circle, then approaching the center of the abdomen, then returning back to the sides.
  4. The cans can be moved up and down the abdomen closer to the side area.
  5. The duration of the entire procedure is 10-12 minutes.

After the massage, wipe off the remaining oil with a towel, apply any cream, cover yourself with a blanket and rest for 15–20 minutes.

To achieve the desired success, it is necessary to carry out the procedure within a month. At the same time, you should try not to take pauses or weekends, but to do this every day. As a last resort, every other day.

If you do not tolerate the discomfort that may arise during vacuum anti-cellulite massage, do not torture yourself, replace it with a classic one. It is less costly and less painful.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite abdominal massage significantly increases proper nutrition, physical activity and cosmetic procedures.


Useful video about anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen with cans



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