Antitrends of autumn and winter 2020-2021: stylist tips

Most people consider what is sold in stores to be fashionable, and what is in demand in stores sells. Many, even metropolitan, showrooms selling luxury items are afraid to take risks and buy sophisticated cut models, preferring basic clothing from world brands. Things that appear at the fashion shows of the season sometimes hit the mainstream after a few years. In this scheme, it is difficult to understand what is fashionable and what is outdated. This, in particular, but there are things that are morally outdated and hopeless and you should not wear them now.

In his work, the stylist is constantly faced with the problem that a person does not want to get rid of outdated things. A compromise option, in this case, is to stylize an irrelevant thing in a modern way, that is, combine it with trends so that it does not attract attention. For example, we tuck skinny jeans into boots with a wide toe and combine them with a bulky jacket. In this case, the focus will be on the current jacket and shoes.

Anti-trends are things that shouldn’t be in a modern girl’s wardrobe. When I look at the reviews of fashion bloggers, they often include in their “fashion nays” things that they don’t like. For example, Margarita Muradova in almost every review for several years in a row referred to llama fur coats as anti-trends. For me, llama fur coats are not an anti-trend, because they were not in trend, they were bought and bought by people who love shocking.

Another example is ripped jeans, they were in fashion, and everyone wore them, but while they were being worn in real life, designers have been releasing not torn jeans for several seasons, and when stylists began to declare that wearing ripped jeans is bad manners, designers have already started doing models with holes. This is confirmed by this season, in which ripped jeans are present in the collections of even Dolce & Gabbana.

Anti-trends are:

  1. Things sold by shops specializing in cheap fakes. There are many anti-trends in their assortment.
  2. Models that very often go on sale in the mass markets means that people did not buy them. Yes, it happens that at a sale you can buy a base and cool models that hit the store before the mass consumer understood them.
  3. Often in the antitrends of the season there are things that have thundered, become familiar and were in almost everyone. When people get tired of them, they are declared anti-trends.

It’s impossible to tell about all irrelevant things, so let’s start with the seasonal base. If you have these things, you love them, then wear them. And if you don’t have them, then you shouldn’t buy them.

Wrong pencil skirt

Anti-fashion trends

Outdated style – a skirt with a low waist above the knee. Looks like a stump of a regular skirt. Such a model shortens the legs, focuses on the hips and opens the ugly, as Coco Chanel said, knees. The correct pencil skirt should cover the knee. Your hand should not reach for these skirts while shopping.

The modern skirt has a high or mid rise. This fit emphasizes the waist, emphasizes the feminine shape. Models of pencil skirts with slits are relevant; it can be asymmetrical or run in the center of the model. The slit is an additional vertical that lengthens the silhouette. The correct length of the skirt ends at a narrow or relatively narrow leg. Therefore, the pencil skirt should be below the knee.

Fashion looks

If you have a skirt of the correct length, but with a low waistline, then stylizing it is easy, just choose a jumper, an elongated shirt, any shoulder piece that will hide that the skirt has a low waistline. If the skirt is of the wrong length, then it is better to forget about such a skirt.

Outdated white shirt

Antitrends 2020-2021

Many stylists sing an ode to the white shirt. An outdated white shirt with many darts, fits snugly to the figure, fitted and cropped. Many brands continue to produce such styles; it can be worn under a sundress, cardigan, jacket. But in such a combination, it will simply play the role of a collar and cuffs.

Antitrends of autumn and winter 2020-2021: stylist tips

The modern fitted shirt is longer with an emphasis on the waist, but usually a belt is tied around the waist. And the basic white shirt has a straight fit and only chest darts. With these shirts, you can create actual images. These are not oversized shirts, because many are afraid of the word.

The correct distribution of a narrow and bulky fit is the main key of modern styling.

Women’s slacks trousers

Autumn-winter antitrends

Trousers that are sewn like jeans. Some brands take thin fabric and sew trousers according to the jeans pattern. But denim is a dense fabric that collects the figure, and trousers made of thin fabric of this style can show all the flaws of the uneven figure. You should forget about such trousers.

Wrong coat

Anti-trend coats

The coat is outerwear, which means that the coat must have a margin of freedom of fit so that you can put the coat on woolen trousers and a sweater. Heavily fitted coats are not relevant, because under a coat there can be several layers of clothing, it is not always possible to wear a coat over a dress.

The modern coat has a straight cut with a small volume, it looks light and casual. Often girls with wide hips choose a coat that fits well on the shoulders and in the chest, but it stretches on the hips and looks ugly especially from behind, folds are formed. The optimal model for a feminine figure is a robe coat, such a coat smoothly wraps around the shape and does not make sharp corners.

There are several standard styles of a classic coat:

  • Robe coat;
  • Straight coat;
  • Barrel coat.

But local brands are experimenting and creating incomprehensible models with a complex cut with strange fasteners and collars. These coats create a sense of total design failure.

Anti-trend coats

If you want to buy coats from local brands, go for classic cuts.

Also anti-trend is a coat with a zipper, even if on the runway we see that some designers are experimenting, this does not mean that a coat with a zipper is worth buying from the market.

Coats to the middle and just above the knee are irrelevant. Midi skirts and palazzo trousers are not compatible with such coats, choose longer models, they are out of fashion and go with everything. Leave the ankle open.

Slim Fitted Knitted Dresses

Slim knit dresses

Thin knitted dresses, completely fitting the figure, look vulgar, underwear shines through. Even if the figure is perfect, you should not wear such dresses. Sweater dresses of the dress silhouette are also not relevant. This sweater adds inches in volume.

An alternative is knitted dresses with a flared skirt.

If you have a knitted dress in your wardrobe, you can cut it along the side seams and put on a midi skirt under it. A wide sweater can be worn over a knitted dress of the correct length.

Fake shirt jumper

Autumn-winter antitrends

Thin sweaters with sewn collar and shirt hem. It can be seen that there is no shirt under this jumper, the look is unassembled and unstable. This product is a fake, you cannot wear it.

Antitrends 2020-2021

Leather leggings

Leather leggings

Leather leggings look ugly, cheap, especially in combination with ugg boots and fur coats. Knitted leggings are more relevant, but wear them with things that cover your groin: elongated sweaters, jumpers, jackets.

Shorts with tights

Shorts with tight kitsch tights that are worth leaving behind.

Slim-fit jacket

A fitted jacket looks scanty, unpresentable, unfashionable, such a cut cannot be saved. Not only men’s jackets are relevant. A modern fitted jacket can be with pintucks at the waist. If the fit at the waist is narrow, then let the jacket be elongated with freedom in the shoulder girdle.

Finding the right balance of volume and fit is important.

If you cannot emphasize the waist, then you can put on a belt on top of a straight jacket.

The modern cut is a straight, slightly elongated fit. The jacket can be double-breasted, single-breasted, with small darts that remove excess volume. A cropped jacket should also be modern, in appearance it looks like a men’s classic jacket that has been cut off.

Fashion provides answers to everyone’s needs.

Jacket-cloth made of thin fabric is also anti-trend. The shoulders of such a jacket do not keep their shape, but takes on the shape of the body. And, according to the rules, the jacket should shape the shoulders so that the silhouette is geometric. The relief of the clothing underneath should not be visible through the fabric of the jacket.

Soft shapeless bags

Antitrends 2020-2021

Anti-trend bags include soft, shapeless bags. They will betray a woman who is hopelessly behind fashion. Rigid bags look much more expensive. Opt for structured bags if you are not a boho lover. Rigid bags look minimalistic, such a bag can be worn for several years.

Actual bags
Actual bags

Winter anti-trends

If you want to be on the crest of a stylistic wave, then you should refrain from buying these things.

Parkas with bulky fur

Parkas with bulky fur

Parkas with voluminous and especially colored dyed fur are not worth buying, and if you have such a parka, then wear it with unbuttoned fur, as more laconic silhouettes are in trend.

Jeans tucked into boots

Wide jeans cannot be tucked into straight boots. The volume of the fabric spoils the leg. Just go for either tight jeans or chunky boots. Boot cut and straight jeans do not need to be tucked into boots. In general, if you want to understand which jeans should be recorded in anti-trends, then this is not a skinny, but a bootcut, they are not complementary to either a woman’s or a man’s figure.

Poor quality faux fur

It is the personal choice of everyone to wear natural or artificial fur for him, but if you choose artificial, then be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fur, so that you do not get the impression that you are wearing the fur of a yard animal or a fur coat made from a teddy bear. Such products look cheap and add ridiculous volume.

Dummy boots

Antitrends 2020-2021

Inflated boots are an element of semi-sportswear for children and the most obvious anti-trend of footwear. They are comfortable and look good on children, but they are not suitable for an adult’s wardrobe in the city. They cannot be stylishly combined, and can only be worn in the mountains with a ski suit. Inflated boots disfigure the legs.

Thin sheepskin coats

Thin sheepskin coats on an artificial sheepskin from Chinese sites. They are cold and look ugly, it is clear that this is not a sheepskin, even with the naked eye.

Scandinavian sweaters

Down jacket with a skirt

Antitrends 2020-2021

Down jacket dress is not combined with other actual things. Today, the simpler the silhouette, the more relevant things are.

Fitted short down jackets

Another anti-trend of down jackets is semi-fitted and fitted knee-length down jackets. If you do not want to spend a lot on outerwear, and the quality of the mass market does not suit you, then pay attention to local brands.

Sheepskin coats with bulky fur

Sheepskin coats with bulky fur

Sheepskin coats with bulky fur on the collar and belt, often the fabric of such a sheepskin coat with a laser coating. Such sheepskin coats are not relevant in the winter of 2020-2021.

Where to put irrelevant things? I would not advise giving them, selling them in commission shops, it is better to alter them. Eco-friendliness is trending, and some brands sew their clothes from clothes that have already been worn before. Such a continuation of the life of unfashionable things seems to me the most correct.

The well-known brand H&M recently installed a recycling machine for old clothes in its store. People bring old or just boring wardrobe items and get 1 new one out of 4-5 items. The machine shreds clothes, then creates threads and woven material, from which a new product is sewn. The service is not free, but in any case, this is just the beginning, in the near future such clothing processing will gain popularity. In the meantime, we can go a simpler way and just alter, thereby giving things a second life.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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