Antitrends of winter 2021: which models of down jackets are out of fashion

We figure out which models of down jackets are outdated for a long time, and we are looking for a worthy replacement for them in the winter of 2021.

For several seasons in a row, a warm down jacket in winter is not just a necessity, but a key fashionable purchase of the season. In order for you to be aware of the main trends, we have prepared list of not only trends, but also anti-trends among winter down jackets. So which models have finally gone out of fashion?

Down jacket caterpillar

A figure-hugging caterpillar down jacket is like a distant hello from the past: such quilted outerwear remained at the peak of popularity for a long time. However, this season their time has gone (we hope that irrevocably), and they were replaced by short cocoon down jackets. Therefore, we advise you to revise your wardrobe and mercilessly part with the caterpillar down jacket, even if it served you for several cold winter seasons – its time has passed.


Down jacket dress

The fashion for a down jacket dress burst into everyday life as quickly as it disappeared. Initially, it was assumed that a down jacket dress would become a feminine alternative to a winter coat: a fluffy skirt and an accent on the waist, according to the designers’ calculations, should have added femininity and elegance to winter looks, but something went wrong. And this model of a down jacket soon lost its relevance.


In addition to the appearance, such a down jacket cannot be called functional: no multi-layered images with a sweater or woolen turtleneck and a knitted jumper will definitely work. The trend from a hybrid of a down jacket and a dress did not happen, however, some girls continue to buy this naive outerwear even in 2020. Instead of a down jacket dress, we advise you to pay attention to free oversized models: and for those who want to look feminine and luxurious even in winter, stylists recommend wearing a sweater dress or a quilted midi-length skirt along with a voluminous down jacket.

Down jacket with fur

For some, fur is still an obligatory attribute of winter outerwear, but down jackets with fur on the hood have gone out of trend several seasons ago. Moreover, such decor has no function: it is unlikely that the fur on the hood will somehow help protect against frost and cold, especially when it comes to artificial fur. However, for those who cannot imagine winter without fur, we advise you to pay attention to the “Cheburashka” coat – a worthy replacement for a winter down jacket.

Down jacket with excessive decor

Only last season, designers glorified the floral print in their collections, and we admired Elsa Hosk’s winter look, but in the winter of 2020–2021 stylists advise getting rid of painted down jackets in a flower, heart or snowflake. Minimalistic prints are in trend this season: we recommend wearing such down jackets with rough winter shoes and bright accessories.

Fashionable alternative

This season, we advise you to pay attention to a more practical down jacket: it should not only warm, but also protect from wind, snow and other weather conditions. However, you shouldn’t forget about aesthetics either, because the more you like your down jacket, the more likely you will not spend the whole winter at home watching TV shows on Netflix, but will enjoy long walks in the park and spend time actively.

In winter 2020–2021, long down-padded blankets and short oversized models with a minimum of decor are in trend. Do not be afraid of bright colors and layered looks: the bonus of voluminous down jackets is that you can wear several layers of clothing with them and not look like cabbage. And for those who, even in outerwear, strive to emphasize their thin waist, there is good news: instead of a belt, use a stylish belt bag.

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