Are bacterial infections dangerous today?

Should you be afraid of them?

Despite the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, which has spawned several generations of antibacterial drugs, bacterial infections continue to be considered quite dangerous. They are capable of causing severe damage to vital organs, and with improper treatment, formidable complications.

The difficulty in treating such infections is that only a properly selected drug can destroy the pathogen. This should be done by a doctor. That is, not just any antibiotic will work.

In addition, the following circumstances aggravate the situation with the use of antibiotics:

  • The ability of some microorganisms to resist the action of antibiotics and the attack of immune cells.
  • Antibiotics have a large number of side effects that can weaken the body and worsen its condition; therefore, such drugs are not prescribed to everyone, but only at a certain level of severity of the course of the disease.
  • The ability of microorganisms to adapt to the action of bacterial drugs and become insensitive to them. This circumstance forces not only to change the standard therapeutic regimens from time to time, but also to synthesize new active substances.
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The described features clearly demonstrate that, despite the presence of a large number of antibacterial drugs in the arsenal of doctors, in reality infections have not ceased to pose a threat. Therefore, it is necessary to remember about prevention. Many infectious diseases are preventable.

How to protect yourself?

Measures to prevent the spread of bacterial diseases represent:

  • during an epidemic – limiting the circle of communication and avoiding, if possible, places of crowded people;
  • thermal processing of foodstuffs to prevent the spread of certain bacterial infections;
  • support of immunity, which allows you to protect yourself from pathogens that can be infected from the outside, and from those that lurk inside the body itself;
  • specific prophylaxis with immune vaccines and serums; such drugs help the body to develop immunity selectively for each and every disease.
Are bacterial infections dangerous today?
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Using methods of effective protection against bacterial infections significantly reduces the likelihood of contracting these diseases. The possibility of prevention cannot be neglected, because, despite the many methods of treatment, some bacterial infectious diseases have not ceased to pose a danger to humanity. And some of them, due to the ability of pathogens to adapt to drugs, may become even more dangerous.

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