Aromatherapy: 4 tips for a great summer thanks to essential oils

Tip n ° 1: prepare a homemade oil to protect your skin

To prepare the skin for the sun, protect it, and prolong the tan of the face and body, we will mix:

– 30ml of raspberry vegetable oil

– 30ml of tomato vegetable oil

– 35ml of karanja vegetable oil

– 2.5ml of Egyptian geranium essential oil

We apply the mixture in the morning to protect the skin from dryness, but also from UVA / UVB because karanja has a protection factor of 20. If you plan to really expose yourself to the sun, you will however have to apply protection. additional solar. But you can also apply the mixture in the evening by adding aloe vera gel to rehydrate the skin and prolong the tan.

Tip n ° 2: bet on a homemade anti-heavy leg gel

If you suffer from heavy legs, make sure you always have a tube of aloe vera gel in your fridge to keep you cool at all times.

For a more targeted treatment, we will mix:

-87ml of calophylle vegetable oil

-3ml peppermint essential oil

-3ml of atlas cedar essential oil

-2ml essential oil of niaouli

-2ml lemon essential oil without furocoumarin (to avoid the photosensitizing effect)

We can apply this mixture at night at bedtime, and even mix it with fresh aloe vera gel to boost its effect. Be careful, never mix essential oils alone with aloe vera, always add a dose of vegetable oil.

Tip 3: adopt a homemade ritual for nourished and shiny hair

To protect the hair from the sun, but also from salt water and restore softness and suppleness, we will mix:

– Avocado vegetable oil

– Coconut vegetable oil

– Olive vegetable oil

For quantities, we can put a tablespoon of each to apply immediately or in larger quantities (always equal) that we can keep in a bottle. This mixture will be applied in an oil bath, in the evening, once or twice a week and will have a nourishing and repairing action for the hair.

To boost the hair bulb and restore tone and shine, you can also add ylang-ylang essential oil in a neutral shampoo without active ingredients at the rate of 42 drops for 250ml.

Tip n ° 4: do a detox to regenerate the body

Between aperitifs and repeated barbecues, the body will need to be supported in its work. So, after the holidays, if you have a very congested body, you will prefer a gentle action by mixing equal parts of carrot hydrosol, verbenone rosemary hydrosol and Greenland ledon hydrosol. . We dilute 3 teaspoons of the mixture in a liter of water to drink throughout the day without meals. This will allow the liver to be supported in these functions and will help it in its detoxification. It is a purifying and regenerating mixture for the hepatic sphere, but also the kidneys and the spleen. We prefer to practice this cure after the holidays, once we no longer make excess or that the latter are moderate. A one-month treatment is recommended, taking a break of one to two weeks after the treatment is over to see if you need to continue.

For people who have a healthy diet, we can do the same cure by replacing hydrosols with essential oils. The mixture will be stored in a tinted glass bottle. To take, we will put 2 drops in a teaspoon of vegetable oil or honey that we will take twice a day without meals.

Essential and vegetable oils are real natural allies throughout the year. And to prepare a mixture that suits your request and your body, it is to a naturopath or an aromatherapist that you will have to turn and thus obtain a personalized treatment program.

Thanks to Agathe Fehr, certified and validated therapist of the Medoucine network

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