Aromatherapy: 5 anti-heavy leg remedies with essential oils

For heavy legs, the problem is essentially mechanical. The blood is supposed to go back to the heart, then the lungs, and this defying the laws of gravity. The walls of the veins must therefore be sufficiently toned to achieve this and prevent it from descending to the ankles. But with heat, the vessels tend to dilate and the return becomes more difficult. You can count on essential oils here.

To decongest: essential oil of evergreen cypress

It acts on all the components of venous insufficiency: it is anti-inflammatory, it helps tighten small vessels and protects them. Place in the palm of your hand 3 drops of EO for 10 drops of vegetable oil (HV) of calophyll or macadamia, then massage from bottom to top.

Warning: because of its “hormonal” interactions, EO from evergreen cypress is totally not recommended in the case of hormone-dependent cancer, fibroma, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

In second intention, to relieve: essential oil of juniper

Possible alternative to cypress in the event of a “hormonal” contraindication, it also acts on several determinants of heavy legs. Always in massage, at the same doses.

To refresh the legs: the essential oil of peppermint

The ice cube effect of menthol relieves the feeling of heavy legs and pain, especially at bedtime … It seems that it also prevents restless legs syndrome. To prevent the skin from drying out, mix 3 drops in 10 drops of argan vegetable oil, which nourishes deeply.

To deflate: the pistachio lentisque

Right against the venous network is the lymphatic network. If one is congested, the other is too. The venous and lymphatic structures being too cramped, drainage can no longer be assured. Apply 5 drops of lentiscus EO, diluted in 50 drops of calophyllum oil, anti-inflammatory, morning and evening to the “post” ankles.

To strengthen the micro-vessels: Italian helichrysum

When they burst and are visible under the skin, combine 2 drops of EO with 20 drops of HV of calophyll or better, of arnica.

The right synergy to solve most venous problems: 2 drops of cypress HE + 1 drop of peppermint HE + 1 drop of pistachio lentil + 10 drops of macadamia HV.

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