Aromatherapy: how to fight fatigue with essential oils

First step: understand your fatigue

Fatigue can manifest itself following intense and / or repetitive physical efforts, illnesses, psychological pressure, intellectual or physical overwork, stress, hormonal imbalance… in short, so many factors which draw on our body’s reserves.

The winter season is coming to an end, but fatigue and stress are still present, these are the first explanations of a decline in immunity, but overeating and other imbalances are also responsible for a loss of vitality.

Fatigue is a sign that the body is letting go. It is the witness of an internal imbalance which warns us of the need to quickly revive vitality. Thus, essential oils can be used to regain strength and vitality.

Adopt the right anti-fatigue reflexes

First of all, the diet must be based on the consumption of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins of biological origin (meat, fatty fish, legumes), oilseeds (nuts, cashews, almonds), associated with a reduction or even a total elimination of dairy products, sugary foods and refined white grains. These dietary measures are favorable to any individual without any contraindication.

Then, aromatherapy will help revitalize your entire body with deep sensations of energy return. It will be necessary to select essential oils having properties known as “cortisone like” such as essential oil (ET) of Scots pine (which restores strength), with the essential oil of thyme with savory (Thyme saturéoides) (which operates a rebalancing profound both immune, hormonal and nervous).

The EO of Marjolaine will also have its place in order to warm up and restore energy, especially in states of exhaustion, insomnia and lack of mental and physical tone. Without forgetting the cinéolée note, for its immune power and its restoration of sleep cycles, the EO of Ravinstara.

In order to optimize and benefit from their potential, the oils should be applied to the energy and nervous centers, namely along the spine (on the hollows on each side = the para-vertebral gutters) and on the adrenals ( in the middle of the back). Without forgetting the olfactory voice which will wake up our brain.

Thanks to Émilie Guerre, certified and validated aromatherapist of the Medoucine network

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