Asexuals of the past: which historical figures preferred to remain virgins?

About why Newton remained lonely until the end of his days, Tesla preferred not to communicate with women, and Mother Teresa never thought about intimacy, you will find out here. And today we will continue to share interesting details from the personal lives of historical figures.

? Elizabeth I

The Queen of England and Ireland of the 16th century decided to remain innocent for a reason. The whole point was in her rhinestone, formed thanks to her own father, who mercilessly killed his own wives under the guise of execution. Henry VIII did not spare the mother of the queen herself, Anne Boleyn, which is why little Elizabeth refused sex for life.

But someone also notes the romantic background of the refusal. Once, Elizabeth confessed her love to her best friend and vowed never to get married. At the same time, the queen had a romantic relationship.

? Lewis Carroll

The author of one of the most popular works in the world was far from an easy person. Carroll had feelings for little girls and had platonic relationships with some of them. This was his muse and inspiration for writing “Alice in Wonderland” Alice Liddell. He met the Liddell family in 1885, often dropped in to visit and talked to an 11-year-old girl. At some point, the Liddells abruptly stopped communicating with the writer, the reason is unknown, and the period of communication between Alice and Lewis is covered in darkness. Even though Carroll kept a diary, the description of this time disappeared without a trace.

But researchers and biographers have found several letters that Lewis dedicated to his other muses. So he wrote to a 10-year-old girl that he received a lock of her hair and thanks the beauty immensely for that. Agree that strange inclinations are visible in the biography?

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