Asexuals of the Past: Which Historical Person Has Never Cared About Sex?

We all know them for their contributions to human history and the developments that shook the world. However, all these people distinguished themselves not only for their intelligence and ingenuity, but also for their complete indifference to sex issues. If you are interested, rather read today’s article in which we will share interesting facts from biographies.

1. Isaac Newton

Some historians and psychologists in their studies mention that Newton suffered from mental personality disorder. Someone notes that Isaac simply hated the entire female half of humanity, but, representing himself sex, was horrified. And despite the difference of opinion, everyone has one point of contact – the fact of the scientist’s loneliness. He was a loner and at an early age remained lonely for the rest of his years. It is interesting to know that Newton lived in the status of a virgin all his life.

2. Nikola Tesla

Despite the fact that Tesla, like Newton, was known as a virgin known to the whole world, he loved women very much. The physicist put them on a pedestal and did not imagine how one could offend a beauty with his vulgar proposal. Researchers suggest that this behavior is one of the manifestations of asexuality. At the same time, Nikola has repeatedly said that he has a secret relationship with the dove. According to the inventor, the bird periodically visited him and followed him around the world.

3. Mother Teresa

Known to everyone as a Catholic nun, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and philanthropist, Mother Teresa never discussed the topic of sex. This point was insignificant for her, because in the world there are much more really important problems, and not such nonsense. The purpose of a nun’s life was to help the poor and suffering, and not to lose virginity and build her own family.

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