Attega: the Sevillian firm that conquers Generation Z

Carry a bucket hat with a 70s-inspired printed top and ones 90s straight leg jeans is a very powerful statement of intent: it speaks of the nostalgic aesthetic that characterizes the Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2008) and that haunts the youngest. Gabriela Flores placeholder image (Seville, 1997) reflects this longing of young people for past trends in their signature Attega, a dream universe constantly changing and very broad references ranging from looks de Cher in the style of Bianca Jagger passing by series de Netflix, the nature and own Andalusia, whose streets and beaches become the perfect setting for the campaign photographs of the Sevillian firm.

Retro touch designs Characterized by colorful and special prints, they are the absolute protagonists of the brand that drives the youngest crazy and which became known thanks to Instagram. ‘Bobo’ collar shirts, floral dresses, asymmetrical tops, inspirational bags vintage A colorful universe made in Seville who has already conquered style prescribers such as María Valdés, Elisa Serrano or Carlota Weber. We spoke with Gabriela Flores placeholder image, founder of the firm (who despite the fact that her training is more linked to business, art has always been one of her passions) on its beginnings, its inspiration and the success of Attega.

© Courtesy of Attega

When and for what purpose was Attega born?

The idea was born in February 2019, when I was 21 years old. I had been attending a tailoring course for a long time and one of the things I liked the most, in addition to designing, was the search for fabrics. One day I found a fabric that I loved, but it was too stiff to make a garment, so I decided to make a reversible shoulder bag. My friends were fascinated by it, so I started buying more fabrics and combining them together to make more bags. From there I created Attega’s Instagram account where did it go up all the designs of my bags and the signature began to take shape. Attega arises in a way very spontaneous, but I’ve always really had the idea of ​​creating a personal project related to the world of fashion.

It was also born with the purpose of showing young people that when they finish their university degree, despite having studied Business Administration and Management, designing and dedicating yourself to the fashion industry is possible.

© Courtesy of Attega

Can you tell me a little more about the project?

The first months I was selling the same bag model in different fabrics and color combinations. Little by little I began to create other models, with the goal from the beginning of one day being able to launch clothing items. I was afraid to take that step because it is something more complex than accessories, but this year I saw it clearly, I took advantage of the free time in the quarantine to organize everything perfectly and design and design … So the first day that the quarantine ended I went to look for fabrics and talk to the workshops.

After a few weeks I was able launch the first garments. I noticed that they liked them a lot and they were sold out so I started throwing more. By manufacturing in local workshops I have the advantage that the production process is short-lived.

What is your first memory in relation to fashion? Did someone in particular instill that passion in you?

I don’t have a specific memory Everything related to imagination, nature and art has always caught my attention. I remember always being very creative. As a child I used to love to draw and spent hours doing it, now I express my creativity through my designs. On the other hand, as creative references, my aunt works in Fine Arts and since I was little she has motivated my most creative side and I always saw my grandmother designing and making her own clothes.

I do not seek to please everyone, it would seem very boring and stressful to design thinking about ‘what will they say’ and with the pressure to please the majority.

Gabriela Flores, founder of Attega.

© Courtesy of Attega

What makes your garments special pieces?

My designs are different and of limited units. Have uAn aesthetic marked by the color, the patterns and the versatility of the garments. The girls who wear Attega pieces have personality and style. I do not seek to please everyone, I would find it very boring and stressful to design thinking about ‘what will they say’ and with the pressure to please the majority.

What do you inspire for your designs?

Everything I see inspires me. When designing I am inspired by ancient parades, in art, in people, in nature (I love flowers)… I also adore going to second hand clothing stores, there I always find inspiration. Sometimes it is the patterns on the fabrics themselves that inspire me a lot. Lastly, my grandmother is also a great source of inspiration. As I said before, she made her own clothes and has a trunk full of clothes designed by her and her sister, every time I open it, I discover something new!

In addition, I love the time of the 60s and 70s and I have as stylistic references to Cher, Twiggy and the hippie movement. If I had to stay with an icon from the 80s it would be Bianca Jagger and a current fashion icon, among others, would be Leanderra Medina.

© Courtesy of Attega

What is it about the ‘retro’ aesthetic that captivates so much and triumphs, above all, among the youngest?

Fashion is a kind of loop, everything comes back, and what is most worn now is the retro aesthetic. Young people may be more attracted to us because it is something that we have not lived and in the end it is “something new” for us. Personally, the retro aesthetic has completely won me over. I love it The inspiration vintage both in accessories and jewelry or clothing. I think it’s something that I capture in my designs.

How is the creation process?

I love the whole creation process, it’s the part I like the most. For me it is not always the same. Sometimes I find a fabric by chance that completely conquers me, I take it home and I put it on top in front of the mirror while I listen to music to capture the design that best suits that fabric. I can spend hours like this. They are almost always old fabrics from other years or other seasons, they always seem to me the most beautiful and with the most original patterns! That’s the reason why my garments are limited units, because I buy all the available fabric of the fabric that I liked and when it is finished, there is no more.

From there I draw the design and depending on the type of garment, I take it to one workshop or another, all located in Seville, I like to be very on top throughout the production process so that I can keep control of the design and quality, as well as learn a lot from the people who work there.

The other option of the creation process would be the other way around, that is, when I have a very clear design that I want to launch, but I have to do a tissue search.

© Courtesy of Attega

What is your favorite Attega garment or accessory?

How difficult! Every time I launch something I always say: It is what I like the most of everything I have designed! So by that rule, my favorite garment was the last release, the Sol dress. I love it because I think it is very versatile. It can be worn both informally with flat sandals for a walk or with XL earrings and high heels to take it to a dinner or a party.

If Attega were a movie, what would it be?

I prefer to associate Attega with a series, I love series and I watch many more series than movies, I think it is something very from my generation! The series I’m watching right now is Anne with an E, based on the novel Ana from the Green Gables. The protagonist is a very spontaneous and with a lot of imagination, which she uses to imagine the world around her in a more beautiful way. If Attega were a character I would love for her to be.


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