Attractive and naked girls

There are many ways to please your loved one. The main thing is to know the secrets of the female body and female physiology, experts say …


A man should always remember that 20% of women are worried about the fact that they supposedly have an overly fat ass. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to the woman as often as possible that everything is in order with her fifth point. This can be expressed not only in words, but also supported by deeds.

– Unlike other erogenous zones, the buttocks perfectly respond not only to gentle touches, but also to rather sensitive influences – even to tangible slaps.

– Above, between the buttocks, there are several square centimeters that can be stroked with pressure in circular motions – this kind of caress brings orgasm closer.

– And just above the buttocks on the skin there is an acupuncture point, the massage of which causes a pleasant relaxation of the gluteal muscles.


We must study her periods. If only to know when she might burst into a vicious tirade. A woman’s ovaries produce hormones that govern critical days. Three days before menstruation, a woman often turns into an inexplicable spit from the point of view of logic, and all because her ovaries so wanted! Create a secret calendar for her periods. The period of ovulation (the days when the egg is released from the ovary and the woman can become pregnant) takes a week in the middle of the cycle. Then a condom is needed one hundred percent.

On other days, the chance of pregnancy is very low. This method of protection is called physiological. True, it is suitable only for those women whose periods come after an equal number of days.

The point under the navel

There is one interesting point 10 centimeters below the navel. If you press on her with your finger (quite hard), the girl will experience sexual arousal when she wants to go to the toilet a little in a small way. This is due to the fact that the filled bladder, under pressure from the outside, “squeezes” the nerve endings responsible for sexual desire.

All skin is one big point

Sexual arousal and the approach of orgasm can be judged by the reddening of the woman’s skin in the cheeks, and also the neck and upper chest. Women’s skin is a very delicate and sensitive organ, in which there are almost twice as many nerve endings as in a man’s skin. That is why women are very fond of the touch of fabrics such as silk and velvet, they love it when they run fur or at least a feather from a pillow over their skin. The most popular areas: back, lower abdomen, inner thighs, arms – from hands to shoulders (on all sides).

Look under her knee

There, below, in the depths of the popliteal fossa, there is a very important point. If you press on it for 8-10 minutes, the woman begins to feel a sense of peace and psychological comfort.


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