Aya Nakamura refused to participate in Secret Story in 2017

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis via Getty Images

Aya Nakamura in concert during the Etam fashion show in Paris, September 24, 2019 (Photograph by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis via Getty Images)

REALITY TV – Starting a career in television or in music? Aya Nakamura quickly made her choice. In an interview with The OBS, on November 21, the Malian singer returned to her professional career.

As she began to make herself known, the interpreter of “Djadja”, “Pookie” and “Doudou” received a proposal to start a career in reality TV. Aya Nakamura was indeed contacted by Secret Story to participate in the show in 2017.

An invitation that she declined to devote herself to her passion, music. “At the beginning, Macron had just become president, I was a little known on social networks, I was offered to do ‘Secret Story’, but I said no. I wanted to be a singer and I didn’t want it to stick to me ”, she confides to The OBS.

She also returned to her professional career. Before devoting herself entirely to music, Aya Nakamura had taken a professional baccalaureate in “fashion professions” that she would never pass.

She also says she worked as a temporary saleswoman in the C&A chain of stores. ″ It went really badly. When I arrive, they tell me do this, do that. It’s starting to get me drunk. (…) I did not go back. A week later, I recorded my first song in the studio, ”she explains in her interview.

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