Bach flowers: how do flower essences affect our emotions?

Bach flowers, what are they?

The Bach flowers are liquid preparations, obtained by an infusion of flowers, capable of transforming negative emotions or pessimistic moods into positive feelings. These essences help people in emotional difficulties to find the serenity in a natural way. It exists 38 essences listed by Doctor Bach. These different remedies are aimed at a particular character trait or emotional state. For example, it is recommended to use l’aspen to defeat a depressed, from bruyère to develop altruism, mimulus to stop snacking and therefore lose weight or even the clematis to have your feet on the ground instead of being in the moon …

What do Bach flowers treat?

The 38 essences of Bach, grouped in distinct groups, are able to treat very varied emotional disorders:

The fear, which is related to stress, heightened anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic or nerves …

Discouragement, with in particular the lack of self-confidence, fears related to the future, but also depressive states and chronic fatigue.

States of solitude particularly important, independent insulation …

Hypersensitivity that we can deduce by a false relaxation and a real lack of assurance. It is also observed following a romantic breakup leading for example to hatred or jealousy.

The despairwhether it comes from a grueling workload, an inferiority complex or a strong sense of guilt.

Finally, Bach flowers also treat physical problems that arise from emotional disturbances. Thus, flower essences treat people suffering from insomnia, back problems, or sudden fever attacks for example.

To use them, it will first be necessary to analyze and pay special attention to the emotion felt but also to the mood of the moment. The advice of a Bach flower consultant or a naturopath is strongly recommended, especially when using for the first time. It is possible to achieve a floral mixture more suited to the patient by combining as much as possible 6 different species.

How to use Bach flowers?

In the event of a temporary problem, 3 drops of gasoline several times a day are sufficient to overcome the problem. If it is a long-term treatment, pour 4 drops of gasoline into a glass of water and drink this mixture four times a day for at least three weeks. You can also dilute 15 drops of elixirs in a bottle of water that you will drink throughout the day. Be aware that a skin application on the wrists or at the level of the Solar plexus also works.

Bach flowers, what disorders can they treat?

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