Back to school: the ecological and economical trick to cover notebooks easily!

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Do you have a headache just thinking about the number of wasted hours you will spend there, and all the plastic used to cover your children’s notebooks? Don’t move, we have a very simple solution to avoid this … or almost!

We can no longer miss it! Back to school is here, and with it many chores for parents, starting with the many notebooks to patiently cover one after the other. If like us, you are allergic to this chore, our solution will interest you.

Fabric notebooks protectors to avoid the drudgery of notebooks

Send out the rolls of printed papers of children’s favorite heroes, sticky papers or other adhesive transparent plastic films that are as boring as they are not environmentally friendly, and opt for fabric notebooks! One might think that this is the latest trend in notebook cover, but this solution has already existed for some time, initiated by the increasingly present movement of zero waste.

For this, you will still need to get your hands dirty, and be somewhat equipped (we said green and cheap, not necessarily faster). To make your own notebook covers, you will need:

  • Pieces of fabric
  • Iron-on paper
  • Iron
  • Some iron-on decorations (optional)

An ecological way to cover notebooks (especially if we collect scraps of fabric) and unique and reusable notebook protectors for our children.

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