Backless Wedding Dresses

Modern bridal fashion trends offer a variety of choices. In current collections, you can find dropped shoulders, unusual sleeves, a royal effect, capes instead of a wedding veil, overalls, suits and even a sporty style in the form of a real tracksuit in a solemn embodiment.

In addition to completely new trends, time-tested trends remain. For example, wedding dresses with an open back. Not everyone is adorned with deep necklines and cutouts on skirts, and an open back suits almost all girls. Such outfits are also seductive, but more sophisticated and refined than dresses where the chest falls out.

Open back dresses appeared in the 1920s. Then the garcon style was in fashion, many women of fashion sought to hide their breasts, and instead showed their shoulders and back. Almost 100 years later, open-back models have not lost their popularity. Now they are time-tested and suitable for almost every woman, you just need to know a few rules …

Backless Wedding Dress

How To Wear an Open Back Dress

1. When wearing a dress with an open back, you must be sure that you do not have any
noticeable skin defects on the back. The second prohibition is excessive volume. Too curvy girls should think about who will like the demonstration of fat folds on the back.

2. Models with simple fit. The abundance of decor and complex cut can complicate the perception of the image and the effect will turn out to be unpredictable.

3. Slender posture. Militta has already talked about how the smartphone and oversized style teach girls to slouch from an early age. Inability to keep your posture will negate all the advantages of a wedding dress. A dress with an open back will flaunt your flaw and get a very pathetic look.

4. Confidence. In general, today it is impossible to surprise anyone with seductive outfits, in our time almost everything is allowed. A dress with an open back can be completely closed in front and look very modest, but if you are not a very confident girl and are not used to showing off a bare back, you can feel uncomfortable at your party. In general, if you have never worn such outfits, buy an evening or cocktail dress with an open back in advance and go to a restaurant a couple of times.

Sautoir on the back

Best Back Decorating Ideas

1. Sautoir on the back. Militta talked about this unusual decoration. A long string of pearls hanging down the middle of the back is a great decoration. Options with pendants and even with a necklace turned upside down are possible. Before the holiday, you need to practice wearing such jewelry in order to feel comfortable.

2. Shining powder. To create a truly luxurious look in the style of glamorous beauties from Hollywood, you should apply a little glitter and shine powder on your back.

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