Bacteria: these 10 everyday objects are real germ nests

Our bathroom, our kitchen and also our handbag are full of objects of questionable cleanliness. And for good reason: they pass from hand to hand, are deposited on dirty surfaces and inevitably become vectors of germs. Yet, too rarely, we wonder about the grime that accumulates on its objects. There’s a reason for this: We usually don’t suspect the sheer number of bacteria that thrive there.

Toothbrush, phone … Several thousand bacteria proliferate there

What are these daily essentials? Some that are supposed to limit the transmission of germs actually have the completely opposite effect, such as the hand dryer or the toothbrush. This essential dental hygiene item contains an average of 10 million bacteria. It is therefore essential to clean it regularly with hot water and baking soda, but also to change it approximately every three months.

Other objects accompany us everywhere despite their dirt, like our handbag or our cell phone. A study published in 2012 by the University of Arizona (United States) even revealed that these objects contain 10 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl. In question ? The latter is actually cleaned more regularly than a cell phone.

But to limit the proliferation of bacteria thanks to regular cleaning, it is still necessary to know which objects are concerned!

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