Balayazh square for dark, light brown, blonde hair: photos and dyeing technique

The meaning of balayazh is simple: on separate strands glare is created with a shade two or three tones lighter than the main hair color, which is why coloring in this technique transforms light brown, dark and auburn strands. In this case, the color accent goes to the lower third of the length and ends.

In the process, professional lightening agents of varying degrees of impact are used. It can be a mild highlighting cream Majimeches, very gentle oil Blond Studio (all from L’Oreal Pro) or powder Matrix Light Masterwho is capable of raising the tone 8 levels at a time.

The V-shape of the coloring visually raises the strands of the bob with a balayage up and emphasizes their shape, and the transition between colors highlights individual strands, making the haircut expressive.

A bob is one of the few haircuts that has a large number of varieties: on a leg, elongated with asymmetry, graduated, classic … There is plenty to choose from! And each such hairstyle in combination with balayage looks completely different.

Balayage on elongated square It mainly comes with a shifted focus on the strands of the face, and the rest of the blonde hair is evenly distributed over the lower third of the head. The non-standard shape of such a haircut, together with color highlights, becomes more pronounced and from this even more attractive.

short bob with balayage

Light highlights add a lot of volume to the hairstyle. The balayage lines are applied in the direction of hair growth, thus the colorist creates a very graceful lightening.

Keep the structure of the cropped square smooth with leave-in care (sprays are suitable Matrix Miracle Creator, Matrix Mega Sleek or L’Oreal Pro Blondifier) – then the balayazh will be dazzlingly radiant.

FROM such a hairstyle glare is distributed over almost the entire mass of hair. At the same time, the roots remain dark. The contrast between colors allows you to visually style short hair into a beautiful hairstyle.

Classic square has become a real fashion trend of the last decade. Think your haircut looks a little flat? In combination with balayage, the square is transformed and becomes a very delicate hairstyle. And for especially romantic persons, pastelage was invented – a sophisticated color balayage.

This haircut with complex coloring is easy to fit and requires one thing – volume at the roots. It will help to create a spray Biolage VolumeBloom – he is in the company with the same names shampoo and air conditioner will increase styling volume by 70%.

Balayage on a bob-square, in comparison with the classic combination, is distinguished by a slight asymmetry and texture, which the graduation and layering give the image. And the effect of sun-burnt hair only enhances this property, which is clearly visible in the photo.

The specifics of the choice of shade are individual. For example, balayage on light hair is poorly expressed, but very well conveys the structure of the hair, while on dark and light brown strands, the technique is perfectly shaded and looks even more impressive.

The combination of bob, balayage and light brown hair is perhaps one of the most popular mixes that looks absolutely win-win. Blond from balayazha on light brown hair very gently turns into the nutty tone of the square, and the hairstyle turns out to be as harmonious as possible. Look for the most trendy shades for this coloring at Redken in the palette Shades EQ Gloss.

Together with a balayage, a red-haired square can look really fiery! Light strands flash on the strands like flames, creating an absolutely incredible image. Pay attention to the dyes from the range Matrix SoColor Cult: eg Starfish Coral, Orange Alert and Red Hot.

All light shades of balayage with a warm undertone are perfect for a dark square. This will visually refresh the face and make the hairstyle stylish.

This hairstyle looks especially good on perfectly smooth or slightly curled curls. Find out more about other interesting color schemes for dark hair here.

In the classic version, the balayage glare is two to three tones lighter than the main hair color. But there are also exceptions. So, stylists propose to paint very black curls with cold light shades.

Platinum, Scandinavian white and pearl colors are in trend. Blondes with unusual nuances, including ashy ones, can be found in a new range of dyes Majirel from L’Oreal Professional — Majirel Glow. Stylists love it for its super gloss, natural look and durability.

In the case of balayage on square with bangs You can do it in two ways: leave the hair in its natural color (this is suitable for black and dark hair) or dye individual strands of the face. Below we show how it will look on different types of bangs.

rare bangs and balayage on a square

Flashes sparse bangs it is colored more often with light brown hair, since the color contrast with a dark base will be too bright and distracting. But in other cases, light strands of bangs perfectly complement the main balayage pattern and help the image to acquire a unique airiness.

Asymmetrical bangs colorists most often dye with an emphasis on the lower third of the hair. Thus, the strands look the most advantageous.

For shine and anti-frizz, apply a pea of ​​cream to bangs before styling Liss Control (L’Oreal Pro) or some whey Cicaplasme (Kerastase). The latter is responsible for grooming, not styling, and nevertheless immediately and all day gives the hair a chic shine.

torn bangs and balayage on a square

Deeply milled bangs with a square are one of the most popular. By itself, it is quite textured and voluminous, so additional coloring can only make it heavier. However, the very tips can be a tone lighter – just to emphasize the geometry of the haircut.

how to make a balayage on a square

The peculiarity of performing the balayazh technique on dark hair in a bob haircut is that the master seeks to move away from clear lines. Its goal is to create the most soft and natural color transitions… To do this, the dye is applied directly to the strands with a hairdressing brush, which is why this dyeing method is called the free hand technique. It is difficult to carry out such a process with your own hands at home, but you would probably be interested in the general principles.

Staining using the balayage technique on a straight square will include several stages.

  • First of all, the entire mass of hair is divided into three zones – temporal, occipital and crown. For convenience, each zone is divided into segments and secured with clamps.
  • The bleaching powder and the oxidant are mixed in a special container to obtain a bleaching mixture.
  • With arbitrary movements, starting from the lower strands, the dye composition is applied to the hair, imitating the letter V.
  • The composition is kept for the required time (depending on the porosity of the hair and the original color), after which it is washed off.
  • The final stage is toning, which allows you to achieve the desired shade of lightened strands.

Balayage coloring looks beautiful only on healthy hair. And even if after the salon you saw the wow effect, with improper daily care, it will quickly fade away. The fact is that the master used professional products when painting, which means that it is necessary to clean and protect the hair accordingly.

In such cases, stylists are advised to remove the shampoo with aggressive ingredients in the composition away and prefer it professional toolsthat gently remove dust and dirt from hair and scalp. Usually these are sulfate-free shampoos and those designed specifically for discolored strands. Both requirements are met Matrix Keep Me Vivid: It is soft, greatly prolongs the life of your favorite color, and is highly regarded by professionals.

After washing your hair and before using the hair dryer and stylers, do not forget to high-quality thermal protection… For hair dryers and brushing, you can use sprays, and before very hot styling – a gentle milk.

The most important and at the same time the most obvious life hack is to tint your hair at home. It’s not difficult at all. You can use shampoos and balms with blue or purple pigments. They neutralize yellowness and postpone the next trip to the salon for many months.

Here are some of the essential skincare options that SalonSecret stylists love.

The cool blonde highlights of balayage will keep the pearly nuance lasting if you have this purple shampoo. It neutralizes copper or orange undertones in a few minutes, without overdrying the strands. And the brand’s technologists recommend using it every other day or less. In general, every time an unwanted undertone appears on the hair again, return to Brass Off.

What to combine with? With nutritious conditioner Brass Off and leave-in cream with thermal protective properties – this cream helps to seal the cuticle, which gives a result close to lamination. Thanks to this feature, the cold blond remains in its original form for a long time.

Special oil for blow dryers and other thermal tools. Very effective protects bleached hair exposed to heat. Moreover, the product smoothes unruly strands, making them noticeably more well-groomed and radiant. Apply the product to damp, well-wrung hair.

What to combine with? With cream Liss Unlimited – he guarantees 4 days without pushing and other whims.

The main must-have for highlighted and blonde hair. And the main feature here is not only the violet pigments, but also the ultra-nutritious composition. It makes hair silky and flowing, and also provides protection against free radicals, the main enemies of bright colors.

What to combine with? With shampoo Kérastase Light: The first step is intensive cleansing, followed by tone correction and antioxidant protection.

A bob with a balayage looks much more spectacular than a solid color. The last step remains – choose a shade. Which one seems to you the most expressive and at the same time everyday?

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