Basic truths: how to choose “your” shades in makeup?

We tell you how to forget about the problem of choosing colors in makeup forever

Updated August 10, 2020

  • The artist Johann Itten was one of the first to think about how to choose the right colors. He also invented the theory of color types, which subsequently cosmetic companies began to actively use in the field of makeup, for the make-up of actors. And then – to create sets of cosmetics suitable for different color types, so that customers do not get lost in the variety of products and can easily choose something for themselves.Product widget: Quick fix
  • Over time, a simple theory that divided all the diversity of people’s appearance into only four types (“spring”, “summer”, “autumn” and “winter” – define your own by passing the test), began to become more complicated. After all, it is impossible to bring everyone under such a limited number of types. Endless variants of “cold autumn”, “natural spring”, “mild summer” began to appear, and it became more and more difficult to understand all this complex scheme.Product widget: Tatouage couture velvet cream
  • Today, beauty professionals often choose colors and shades in makeup based on a clearer and easier method. According to her, in order to find “your” colors in makeup, it is necessary to determine and take into account only three parameters of appearance: lightness, contrast and temperature. Let’s talk about this in more detail.Product Widget: L`Oreal Paris Tint Lipstick Rouge Signature, Matte, shade 114,


  • Lightness is the arrangement of a color between white and black. When determining the level of lightness, based on the color of the skin, eyes and hair. For example, blonde hair, light eyes, and fair skin are signs of a “light” appearance. Dark eyes, dark hair, and dark skin are, respectively, a sign of a “dark” appearance. If the details of the exterior have different levels of lightness, determine what exactly dominates and makes the main impression. Hair often sets the tone for everything, and, for example, the appearance of a brunette with medium light skin is more “dark”.Product Widget: NYX Professional Makeup / Plumping Lip Gloss
  • This option allows you to choose the lightness of the colors in the makeup. In order for it to be as harmonious as possible, the lightness of the shades in the makeup should approximately correspond to the lightness of the appearance. For example, a blonde with fair skin and black smokey ice may look like her eyes are glued to her face: they are so inconsistent with natural data. On a “dark” exterior, even black shadows will not look too bright. Product Widget: Maybelline New York Mascara


  • Contrast is the difference between the lightest and darkest color in appearance. Again, you should start from the color of the skin, eyes and hair. As a rule, the darkest element in the appearance is the hair, and the skin is the lightest, but there is room for other variations. The contrast can be low (for example, as in girls with fair skin and fair hair), medium (light brown hair and slightly tanned skin), high (brunette with milky skin).Product widget: Giorgio Armani Luminous silk concealer
  • The definition of contrast helps you choose the saturation of colors in your makeup. If in appearance there is a very low contrast, then juicy, bright colors in makeup will look quite artificial, while in appearance with high contrast the only way to make a really bright makeup is to use not dark, but “active”, saturated colors. Therefore, “light” girls with fair skin are so well suited for muted, delicate shades, and brunettes with white skin, even in the daytime, can easily wear black arrows or dark smoky, and it will not look too pretentious. Product Widget: L'Oreal Paris Mascara Look Bambi False Eyelash Effect, Shade 01, Black, 8.9 ml


  • The temperature of flowers in the exterior can be either warm or cold. You can determine it, starting from the color of hair and eyebrows, skin, eyes, lips. In short, the rule is: the more golden shades in the exterior, the warmer it is, the more blue, the colder.Product Widget: Maybelline New York Eyeshadow
  • Try to match colors in your makeup based on the prevailing temperature. Then a healthy, radiant look is guaranteed for you. Any color other than orange can have both warm and cold shades, so the temperature of the exterior does not limit you in anything, but only helps you choose the right shades. Product widget: L'Oreal Paris Powder compact

Take a look at your cosmetics with a fresh look and new knowledge. Put it into practice and try different colors based on different appearance parameters.


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