Beautiful dresses and suits with feathers for the bride

Most wedding dresses are decorated with lace, embroidery, pearls and various fabric elements. Feathers are also found, only much less. Therefore, today we will remember the feathers of the ostrich, marabou and other birds. Even a little feathers make a dress or costume truly festive and fabulous. This makes it possible not to be limited to the offers of wedding salons and collections, the choice becomes much wider.

The current collections include many evening dresses, suits, overalls and separate skirts with soft and fluffy decor. It is better to look for the most beautiful things in the couture shop, where obviously all things are oriented towards a luxurious life and solemn exits.

This season we were delighted by the fashion house Balmain by releasing the first Haute couture collection. The Balmain bride will resemble a pink flamingo or a fairy-tale bird from Wonderland. Balmain looks are very unusual and unforgettable, yet very comfortable.

When you want to save money, you can limit yourself to a midi-length skirt decorated with feathers, which can be complemented with an elegant jacket, thanks to which the bride’s image will turn out to be modern, comfortable and festive at the same time.

Why is it profitable to buy an outfit with feathers for a wedding

If you do not stop the choice only on wedding dresses, there are many more options. The bride can create a vivid, memorable image and differ from standard brides in white dresses with puffy skirts.

In addition, an evening dress or an elegant suit with feathers can not be hidden in the closet after the wedding, but occasionally put on at special events, because even real princesses are sometimes shown in the same dress. A short dress with feathers in pink or coral can be a great outfit for going to a club or restaurant without waiting for special occasions. In general, this choice is very practical.

Beautiful evening looks
Giambattista Valli, Georges Chakra, Alin Le Kal

Although it is not always necessary to look for financial benefits. We all want to save vivid impressions and gorgeous photos in our albums and social networks after the wedding. In this case, you should pay attention to the most incredible dresses with feathers, they can turn any girl into a princess from a fairy tale.

See the On Aura Tout Vu collections, Ashi Studio dress, Giambattista Valli if you are ready to wrap yourself in feathers as much as possible from head to toe. Georges Hobeika collection when you want to combine beauty with comfort

Chic dress with feathers
We will have seen it all

An important feature of dresses with feathers is their warmth, in such dresses, as if in a cozy long sweater. How many feathers should there be so as not to spoil your holiday? It is best to observe the measure. The most comfortable outfits, where the feather adorns only individual elements. And luxurious fluffy dresses made entirely of feathers are a good choice for the cold season and in a cool room.

Designers offer a variety of feathered dresses, from short to floor-length. In addition to dresses, there are many jumpsuits, suits, feather skirts, and accessories. Therefore, we have endless possibilities for creating a wedding image.

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